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Dec 11, 2011 07:16 PM


Ok, going to a thai resto and it has been years. Love the food but need help on what to order. I remember the great coconut, chicken soup and also a curry, but don't remember which one. We love spicy food and I really need help on what to order. i remember i didn't care for the peanut dish. any help I will really appreciate.
We live too far from thai nakorn because we are in san clemente. any help with what to order will help because we love everything. Pad thai had too many peanuts, so maybe that was the problem. please help to us. Thanks, sorry I have a new computer and the dictionary, spelling etc. I am not in touch with yet.......

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  1. The soup sounds like "tom kha gai" to me, the curry is almost impossible to tell.
    The main Thai curries are red, green, yellow and musaman and penang..... Red curry is in general the spiciest of these (and very tasty).
    Hope this helps somewhat