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Dec 11, 2011 07:10 PM

Korean fine dining?

Hello, I'm looking for any upscale Korean restaurant.

Upscale / fine dining can be a vague term, so I'm looking for a Korean restaurant that's not the usual $10 jap chae, AYCE BBQ, run of the mill variety. More like a sitdown place, wine list, perhaps even white tablecloth kind of place. Like a normal restaurant where entrees are $20+. Doesn't need to be 100% korean-style, fusion or a mix of Asian styles are a-ok.

Random examples I'm looking at so far are Guu and Swish by Han.

Traveling from downtown, so somewhere not too complicated to get to (5 bus transfers and a taxi won't work). Reservations a must.


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  1. I think you should just save yourself the trouble and go to Swish by Han. Korean restaurants in Toronto are run mostly by ajummas and cater to either cheap students or 40+. If you're looking for something hip you're not gonna find it.

    The closest to a more refined sit down place is Sariwon, but it's not hip like Guu or Swish.

    1. Dahn in Thornhill (on Yonge Street north of Centre, before 407 and hwy 7) is a new and more upscale Korean restaurant. It's more modern and classy and the cuisine offered is more traditional fare. They also have set course meals that are quite good for an overall korean fine dining experience that mimics 'han jungshik' meals in Korea, especially those offered in areas like insadong and samcheungdong that try to replicate Royal course meals. this may be helpful. You should be able to take the subway north to Finch and then the YRT from there up yonge Street.

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        Hip isn't a requirement, but yes, definitely looking for something above above the cheap-student crowd.

        Sariwon sounds interesting. i'll check that out.

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          first place I thought of was Swish by Han too. I've eaten there a couple times and it seems to fit all the criteria you're looking for. While the food is decent to good, I personally find it very over priced and would rather go to a homier, cheaper Korean place in either Koreatown. But if you want the fancier experience for a date, etc., this place definitely fits.

          Also, how about Koko Share Bar on Yorkville? I've never been but it markets itself as a modern Japanese/Korean place and it totally looks like it fits the description of what you want. The mains are all 20+ and there is a wine list on the menu

          Guu is fun too but I've only tried a couple of the Korean style dishes. The Korean style ribs were very sub par compared to most other Korean galbi - not much flavour to them and have never reordered them. The cheese and mushroom bibimbap is delicious though and one of my must orders.

          Swish by Han
          38 Wellington St E, Toronto, ON , CA

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