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Dec 11, 2011 06:41 PM

Chocolate Espresso Bar Cookies?

I've been trying my best to find a recipe online but I just can't seem to locate it. It was a recipe for chocolate bar cookies- it was probably a holiday recipe.

The cookies themselves had a few tablespoons or so of espresso or possibly espresso powder in them, as well as rough chopped chocolate chunks. It needed refrigeration to set before being cut up and baked. They did not have frosting.

My dad had the recipe, but unfortunately he wiped his computer and no longer owns it. I can't find it in any of the magazines we have. [Mostly Cook's Illustrated]

Does anyone know of any recipe that sounds like this?

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  1. Chocolate Chip Espresso Cookies, The Day newspaper, - Dec 12, 2001. Link to Google newspaper archive and recipe:

    The Google newspaper archive doesn't allow printing or copy and pasting. You can re-type the recipe, or maybe print out a screen shot. For long recipes I use PaintShopPro to capture a screen shot and the run the image through an application called FreeOCR .

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    1. re: Antilope

      Okay, cool. That looks pretty good.

      Does anyone else know any more? Anyone at all? I'm really desperate.

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        Chocolate Espresso Cookies

        Chocolate-espresso snowcaps

        Go to Google Images and search for "Chocolate Espresso Bar Cookies", maybe you will see something familiar. Click on the image and in most cases it will take you to the recipe page.

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        co-oool link antilope, you historian, you! ;-). those recipes are from the gramercy tavern. neat!

        i found this one tempting:


        This is a marvelous cookie which recipe was featured 2 weeks ago in the food section of the local paper. I've baked and eaten them and they are the best cookie I've eaten in a long,long while. An adult child baked them with me, and then went home and baked another batch.

        They are a drop cookie. Espresso powder is used as well as dark cocoa. Chocololate chips and white chocolate chips are added to the batter. You do refrigerate the batter before baking. Enjoy.

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          sue, those do look delicious! i wonder if chopped toasted pecans would be easy to incorporate without causing the cookie integrity to fail?

          1. re: alkapal

            I think nuts would be fine. I thought at first that I would want to exclude the white chocolate chips, but have decided they do add a certain something to the cookie.