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Dec 11, 2011 06:24 PM

Food places at the airport

Greetings to all you Portland Chowhounds!

My wife and I are flying up to PDX to pick up a new puppy, and we'll be arriving Wednesday night about 8:30. At the moment it seems convenient to eat at the airport (we won't have a car) before heading to our hotel (near the airport). Could anyone suggest which of the places at the airport might be preferable? We would prefers something other than fast food, but we're flexible as to price and cuisine. I notice that Gustav's shows a closing time of 9:15, so if you know of any issues with the restaurant's hours in the evening, it would be good to know.

Many thanks!


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  1. Stanford's isn't that bad, all things considered, and is probably still open. I'd avoid Beaches though.

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      Thanks for the tip! We had Beaches on our list of possibles (based on the their menu and such) but I think we'll pass on them. And we'll certainly check out Stanford's.