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Dec 11, 2011 05:33 PM

Swensen's Ice Cream, SF Russian Hill - Sticky Chewy Chocolate & Christmas Special Flavors w/ Pics

Today Sun 12/11/11 is the last day for the FREE ice cream scoop from Scoutmob App at Swensen's! They're open until 10pm tonight! They're at Hyde & Union.

Went twice this weekend. Got my Scoutmob deal on Sat 12/10/11 and got the Sticky Chewy Chocolate. Tasty chocolate ice cream I got on a sugar cone. I liked it. There's no seats indoors, so ate the ice cream standing up outside.

Next day went back w/ hubby. He got me a scoop of Spumoni with his Scoutmob deal, & paid for his scoop of French Vanilla Custard small for $2.95. It's a lot of ice cream, but tasty enough. Spumoni is white w/ dried fruit & some candy pieces throughout. I liked it.

There's a single drinking fountain in the shop & pre-packed quart/gallon size in the case behind you when you order.

Tip: Sticky Peanut Butter actually is Chocolate Peanut Butter - I want that next time.

Christmas Special flavors: pumpkin, egg nog, spumoni, rum raisin. Same as the Thanksgiving flavors from Melanie's old CH post:

Egg nog drink sold out until 12/16/11 - $4.25 quart.

Bus 45 stops right in front. We walked, several hills but manageable.

Note: Get a receipt & if it has a Red Star on it, your purchase is FREE up to $5.

Closed Mon
Tues-Th 12-10p
Fri & Sat 12-11p
Sun 12-10p

Closed Thanksgiving 11/24; 12/25 Xmas; 1/1 New Year's Day
Special Store Hrs:
12/24 12-6p
12/31 12-6p

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  1. Also went tonight and had the spumoni (it's really more tan/light brown than the picture would indicate). One of the better versions I've had, a bit complex and not too similar to the tricolor versions ubiquitous among mass-market supermarket brands. I'm not in Russian Hill very often but I'm glad the original Swensen's is still doing its thing.

    (It's been so long since visiting a Swensen's that I have long forgotten what the ice cream at the franchises elsewhere in the country tastes like, but it's different, right?)