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Dec 11, 2011 04:07 PM

Saveur Creole in Montclair

We had an amazing dinner last night. This is not a cheap Haitian dive, but excellently executed versions of real Haitian food. I grew up in Haiti, and am an avid cook at home, and was thrilled with the levels of flavors in the food. My husband has never been to Haiti, but has been to many enjoyable dives with me, as well as having great home cooked haitian food. He was completely amazed at the depth of different flavors in the food, as well as the elegant presentation. We had griot pork and goat in sauce. Entrees are served with excellent soup and salad courses. A mixed platter of apps was truly a culinary trip to my old home.... a pleasure for the Haitian at heart to find such a spot!

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