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Dec 11, 2011 02:05 PM

What winery in Napa/Sonoma has the best..........

....Christmas decorations and atmosphere?

Yes, a hilarious question, I know, but I'm taking my parents to SF for the holidays, and they would like to roadtrip out to Napa to experience the area. They're 71 and 77 and from Wisconsin. Imagine Angela Lansbury and Dick Van Dyke.

They love a good glass of wine, and have decent enough palates to know a good one from a not-so-good, but have just become delicate in their age about how much they can drink, so they can only have so much before they get tired or woozy, bless their hearts.

As a result, I'd like to know which wineries have the best/coziest Christmas atmosphere. I actually think the surroundings will make more of an impression on them. Having been to Napa before myself, I know that the quality of wine there is enough that it'd be hard to find a glass of wine there that they would not enjoy.

Also, if anyone has a recommendation for a tour driver in the area that is a charming, talkative older gent, I'll take it. I know there's lots of services to choose from, but if you've got one where it's an older feller with a lot of charming personality, I think they'd love it.

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  1. HI! You should take them to Vinecliff as they have a beautiful tasting room and vineyard. Opus if you can get in is fabulous too. There are so many nice ones, it is overwhelming. If you are looking for a good lunch, try Bouchon and dinner at Redd.

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      Taboo, how is it hard to get into Opus? Do you reserve ahead, like a restaurant? Or does it just get crowded, and they have to turn people away? Pardon my naivete...

      I know Opus is a pricey--but lovely--bottle of wine...

    2. If you choose Russian River and head past Healdsburg there's a beautiful winery with nice wines called Bella. They do their wine tasting in the wine cave and it's beautifully decorated.

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        I second Bella! It is so beautiful and the tasting is done in the Caves.
        If you plan to go to Bella I also suggest you stop by Preston. Its my favorite. Its a beautiful farm property and doesn't feel as commercial as some of the others so I am sure your Wisco family will love it. If you go on a Sunday they sell a jug o' wine (4 bottles worth) for $30 some bucks!

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          Excellent--it'd be nice to have a winery in the mix that is a little more folksy and small-scale.

          A jug of wine for $30? That sounds like some serious trouble,...of the very good kind!

      2. Fantastic! Thanks for the tips....that's just enough. Plenty of associates I knew were full of tips for which wineries made their favorite varieties of wine, but nobody was a regular enough visitor to give me good recomendations for atmosphere.

        I've eaten at Bouchon, and loved it! A great place for them.

        Thanks again!

        1. for coziest atmosphere in a Napa winery, particularly for septuagenarians, it would be hard to beat Kuleto Estate. The feel of the tasting room is that of a hunting lodge.

          If you are shooting for coziness from the perspective of providing the best rapport to their age class, then Tedeschi Family Winery wins hands down, and the wines are far superior to those of Kuleto, and much less costly.

          You will need reservations in either case.

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          1. re: VineBuzz

   up on them, and I think your analysis for being wineries for them is spot-on.

          2. Great post.

            I am looking to take my in-law for a Napa tour. As they are not into wine, so I am looking for some place that has a better , casual atmosphere.