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Dec 11, 2011 12:35 PM

New Year's Eve Suggestions

My wife and I will be leaving NYC and heading to London for New Year's Eve this year with our 2 sons (19 and 16). We all love to travel and to eat VERY well. Doesn't need to be fancy or stuffy, just a great local restaurant. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I wouldn't mind if it was festive given the holiday. Thanks to all and happy holidays.

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  1. If you're wanting local, then you need to sayin which area of the capital you're staying and then London based members can advise

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      Just be aware that a lot of places will be offering set menus which can be rather over priced. Did you have a budget in mind?

    2. Thanks for the reply. No particular budget in mind, as I know New Year's Eve can be pricey. As for location, just hoping to find a place in central London. Thank you for the replies so far.

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      1. re: nycatty35

        Viajante are putting on a New Years menu which I think would be fun. It's not that central though so may depend how far you want to travel.

        If you want to be near the 'action' (I, personally could think of nothing worse being surrounded by hundreds of thousands of people!) you could try for a spot along the Thames or near the river to take catch the fireworks display. Place like Skylon, the Blueprint Cafe or a bit more of a walk, there's some great places in Bermondsey St you could try, like Jose and Pizarro.

        You might also want to try a search on Toptable, they will show all the offers, which most places will be putting on that evening. Whatever you do, try to book as soon as possible.

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          The Bermondsey St area is a good idea. because you can watch the fireworks after the meal. Magdalen would be a good choice, or Zucca. Jose is a tapas bar and is always packed. Haven't been to Pizarro.

      2. The River Restaurant in the Savoy Hotel overlooks the Thames:

        They'll do a decent NYE for you.

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        1. re: Robin Joy

          And Robin it is a bargain at £2,600 a couple - but it is hosted by Patrick Kelly and broadcast on a Radio 2 - and does include dinner and booze - so sounds like fun.

          1. re: PhilD

            Wow!! Thanks Phil.

            My apologies nycatty35, I didn't suggest the Savoy as a not very funny joke. I know that it's not cheap, and you said that the budget wasn't a big issue, but I had no idea of the actual price tag.

            1. re: PhilD

              That's about $4,000 U.S. For that price it should include an audience with the Queen!

          2. We looked at a lot of options and came to the conclusion that a lot of the menus were just too much and paying £140+ a head for food only is not great value - Pollen Street Social, Dinner etc. Better to eat well the days before for less. So booked into the Ledbury for our big London meal and will grab a lunch at Pollen Street Street.

            We have now booked into Moti Mahal which is central and reasonable (£50 a head) - still a lot for a curry but more digestible than many of the other options.