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ISO The BEST Cocktail cookie - no seeds

There are a lot of good looking savory or 'cocktail' cookie recipes out there. Which one to make? I'm looking for something beyond the classic cheese- butter- cayenne cookie and seeds are out. Anyone have a tried and true recipe to share?

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  1. Right after I posted I found this show on the Food Network so I'm all set but still would like to hear from anyone who has a personal favorite.


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      There is a rosemary chocolate chip shortbread at the food network

    2. Gee, Berheenia, most of those recipes looked pretty sweet to me, so I'm not sure what you want. I like the classic bleu cheese with either walnuts or pecans. Also, the old familiar cheddar, which I know you said beyond, but I make them into thumbprint cookies and fill the indentation with hot pepper jelly. It's a nice savory bite with wine or cocktails.

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        Actually there was a parmesan thumbprint cookie with a marmalade garnish that looks okay- I would use a bitter marmalade like Dundee. I like the idea of yours too with cheddar and hot pepper jelly. I am intrigued with the Momofuku Compost cookies but agree that there is more sugar than I was looking for.

      2. don't know the name of it, but I like to use a garnish often found in resto salads as a cocktail nibble...a little pile of parm on a silpat...toss in the oven, crisp both sides

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          1. not cookies, but more like savory quickbreads that the french have with wine:



            those cooking channel recipes are for very sweet cookies and brownies?

              1. I make these all the time, Ina Garten parmesean and thyme cookies/crackers:


                They are very easy! And great for the holidays because you can prep them way before, freeze the roll and just slice and bake as needed. Also you can vary the flavors depending on what you need. Great with cocktails and/or champagne.

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                  Those are exactly what I was thinking. They're a delicious recipe and I have definitely subbed out the cheeses and herbs. Blue cheese and rosemary is quite good.

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                    ooohhh, yum :) Going to try that at Christmas!

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                      I make those using a cookie press! The dough works really well in the gun. And you can knock out dozens in no time.