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Dec 11, 2011 12:00 PM

Visiting Oceanside & San Diego need advice!

going to the Oceanside CA from the Dec. 22 until Jan 1; can anyone suggest memorable restaurants, a place Christmas Day Dinner and New Years eve? we will also be spending some time in the San Diego area? 5 adults no kids

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  1. You might want to be a bit more specific how much money you want to spend, what kind of cuisine, if you have a car, how much you are willing to drive etc. General questions like yours pop up every few days and people are less and less willing to answer these questions without people first checking some older discussions to get at least some basic ideas about dining in SD. In general you will have some problems to get any memorable meals in Oceanside do that you either have to lower your expectations or you should be willing to drive. And for dining in SD we will need much more information as SD is very spread out.

    1. sorry for the vagueness of my request; have car and willing to drive. most interest in Christmas Day as in the past not much is open or fills up fast. also any suggestions on New Year's Eve.
      on the food type, beef and fish; on the dollar scale one to ten about a 7.
      also love a great breakfast and good coffee. thks

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        Not sure what moneywise a 7 is on your scale (I guess $70-90 pp) but you should look into the well known restaurants in LJ (Georges for example) for a memorable special dinner. Some restaurants in North Park have also interesting menus. The new years at Urban Solace for example looked interesting. Overall be prepared to drive quite a bit for good food if you stay in Oceanside. There might be a few decent options in Carlsbad, e.g. Paon

        1. Market in Del Mar has a $80 5 course prix fixe, $125 w/ wine pairings for NY Eve. You do need to be more specific about your price range so people can help you out. A "7" to one person can mean something completely different to someone else.