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Dec 11, 2011 11:51 AM

911! Surprise guests coming in on the train: where to eat close-ish to Union Station?

Yes, Dad and friend announced arrival on Union Station at dinnertime this Tuesday! 80 They'll be hungry, so where to eat?

Stipends: close to Union Station and points west/southwest thereof
NOT high-high end, nor cheapy hole-in-the-wall. 75-yr-olds like good service & atmosphere along with good food.
Pref. not Asian; Dad just came back from the Philippines & will be riced-out.

Many thanks. Gotta go clean...

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  1. Well, there's always Traxx right there IN Union Station. Otherwise, maybe Nick & Stef's steakhouse? It definitely isn't cheap, but it fits the bill re: atmosphere & service. And definitely not Asian.

    Cafe Pinot or maybe even Drago Centro.

    There's always Taix on Sunset, not too far away.

    1. How about Wood Spoon?

      It's about 3 miles or so southwest of Union Station. At that time of day a cab ride would probably be in order. If that's ok, then it should be a good option.

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      1. re: ipsedixit

        Spring Street Smokehouse
        Several Mexican places along Olvera Street
        Homegirl Cafe

        1. re: Sam D.

          Per the OP:

          "NOT high-high end, nor cheapy hole-in-the-wall. 75-yr-olds like good service & atmosphere along with good food."

          I think that would knock out Philippe's and SS Smokehouse.

          La Golondria and La Luz Del Dia on Olvera St. might fit the bill however.

          1. re: Sam D.

            Sadly Homegirl is not open for Dinner...


        2. I haven't been to Traxx in ages...but used to like it. Like Jack Flash said...certainly fits the "location" bill. I was at Drago Centro Friday night, before a concert. I hadn't been there for a year, but was really impressed. Food is really good....especially the pasta. Lovely service. I have to go back more often.

          1. It's a bit crazy to me that "Asian" food just gets lumped into one category. Do people (generally, non-Asians) really consider all Asian food to be the same? Would people not find it weird if I said, "I just got back from Spain, so I definitely don't want to eat any French, Italian, or German food... you know, nothing European."

            Sorry, this just came to mind because the first few restaurants that I thought of in the area were all Asian. Aside from that, you could consider Lazy Ox (or Baco Mercat) if they're okay with the small plates, or Colori Kitchen/Wood Spoon as safer choices.

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              1. re: samtron608

                Lazy Ox is what came to my mind as well.

            1. For dinner, Traxx is an option.

              You can also hop on the Gold Line from Union Station and go one stop to the Little Tokyo/Arts District station. There are plenty of restaurants in Little Tokyo that offer non-rice meals. I would recommend Spice Table or Wurstkuche.

              If not, you could venture downtown to the newly-opened Artisan House, on 6th and Main.

              Traxx Restaurant
              800 N Alameda St Ste 122, Los Angeles, CA 90012

              800 E 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90013

              The Spice Table
              114 S. Central Avenue, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

              Artisan House
              600 S Main St, Los Angeles, CA 90014