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Dec 11, 2011 11:15 AM

Something special for 25th Anniversary

flying to Vegas day before our 25th just after Christmas. Rosemary's has always been our special place...only found out it had closed when we went to make reservations! So now where? We'd like to dress ueelseel pampered, eat great food, drink wonderful wine and generally make it an evening to remember. Would prefer off strip since we have a car. Plan on doing Tods on trip, but that doesn't meet the ambience criteria for anniversary dinner to me. Any suggestions please?

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  1. Funny you should ask. We celebrated our 25th anniversary in Las Vegas earlier this year with a wonderful dinner at Le Cirque. I called and spoke with the Maitre D' well in advance and told him about the occasion. The night was truly special. When we arrived, we were welcomed warmly and shown to the best table in the house overlooking the Bellagio fountains. The room is very pretty, but with the circus theme it's a bit whimsical and not at all stuffy. The restaurant is quite dressy, but that is not to say that there might not be seriously underdressed people there (always true, most anywhere). The service was as close to perfect as it gets. Of course, the main attraction is the food and wine. Everything we ate was delicious. The Dover sole and duck entrees were excellent, and the dessert souffle's were memorable. They do a beautiful job with wine pairing. This is, of course, an expensive restaurant, but for your very special occasion, I don't think it's over the top. Joel Robuchon would be another obvious choice, but it will be more expensive, and I've had warmer, less formal and more gracious service at Le Cirque. Le C would be my (our) definite recommendation.

    I also was devastated by the closing of Rosemary's. It was one of my favorite places in LV. Nevertheless, it was not as perfect a special occasion restaurant as Le Cirque, and it was a bit of a ride there. Even though you have your car available, I would take a taxi to Le Cirque (or wherever you decide to go). On your "big night" it would IMHO be preferable to not have to worry about having too much wine or an after dinner cognac.

    Congratulations. Have a wonderful celebration, and do report back on what you do!

    1. I love Aureole, but it's on the strip. Pamplemousse is pretty good, but the food doesn't change much.

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        Aureole is very good, perhaps even excellent, but it is IMHO, not as intimate, romantic or special as Le Cirque. Pamplemousse is a very dated, but decent, French restaurant which is in another (much lower) league entirely...definitely not the venue for a memorable special occasion dinner.

        I'd still pick Le Cirque....or perhaps Joel Robuchon, for this very special anniversary.

      2. Helicopter tour to Grand Canyon?