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Dec 11, 2011 11:14 AM

Logan Inn

Friends want to go the Logan Inn and I'm wary based on things I've heard over the years. Anyone been recently?

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  1. Jan, are you referring to the Logan Inn in New Hope?

    1. Assuming this is the one in New Hope, its your basic pricey American fare (twin 5 oz. lobster tails and wild rice for $47) with nothing really inspired. The menu is very Wm. Penn Inn/Blue Bell Inn in composition (clams casino, rack of lamb, Caesar salad, etc.) but add on your premium for being an historic fixture in a tourist trap town. There are so many other good choices in the area, across in Lambertville or in Doylestown. Could your friends be persuaded to reconsider?

      1. We have been there a few times because everything else was crowded. Very average over priced food.

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        1. re: crazyspice

          Thank you. This is what I expected. Hope we can persuade them to reconsider.

          My first choice out that way was No. 9 but unfortunately it closed. Any suggestions out that way? They live in Doylestown and have been nice about coming to the city often with us. We want to return the favor.

          1. re: JanR

            Why not just go to Doylestown? NH is not that far from D-Town and there are a number of great restos in D-Town. Slate Blue, Honey, Freight House, Domani Star (BYOB). Love them all. I would stay away from Fig & Vine.

            1. re: crazyspice

              Freight house is a meat market, over priced and produces mediocre food. Domani Star is ok. If you want Italian, I would go to Il Melograno instead. Honey is spectacular. I am very partial to Slate Blue but not everyone likes it. Think French Country Bistro.

              1. re: cwdonald

                It has been a while since we went to Freight House. Thanks for making that point. We will give Il Melograno a try for Italian. I have heard other people talk about it. We like that DS is BYOB.

            2. re: JanR

              Honey or Slate Blue in Doylestown. Inn at Phillips Mill in New Hope. Seargentsville Inn in NJ. The restaurant that will be replacing No. 9 is worth keeping an eye out for. It will be called Brian's, and is from the people that ran Rouget in Newtown. May open by the end of the year.

              1. re: cwdonald

                Thanks crazyspice and cwdonald. Good suggestions. Also, didn't know about Brian's.

                1. re: JanR

                  Agree that Logan Inn is your basic downtown New Hope tourist destination.
                  But that does not mean you can't find good food in the Lambertville/New Hope region.
                  I suggest you search this board for prior threads on the subject, but will add my two cents. If their destination is New Hope, there's no need to drive 20 minutes to Doylestown, although, if they do, the above destinations are fine. Crazyspice and I have an ongoing difference of opinion on Vine and Fig Tree. I was there this past weekend and had another fine meal. Honey is quite good, I've heard Slate Blue is good, but inspect their menu, as prices are high.

                  In New Hope, the Inn at Phillips Mill is an old standby. We've been going there for 25 years or more, through its ups and downs, and can say, after a recent visit, they're again in an upswing.

                  In Lambertville, Hamilton's Grill Room is without a doubt the best there is. Manon is fine. Inn at the Hawke has fine bar food. Marhaba has excellent middle Eastern food.

                  1. re: famdoc

                    FamDoc, I think you should check the prices at Slate Bleu again, as they remade their menu in the last six months. No dish over 20 dollars. You might not get huge portions, but I find the food quite good. Again it is not Per Se by any means, but it is good French Country Bistro fair. Comparing its prices to Freight House which has steaks in the forty dollar range and no skill in the kitchen to cook such a piece of meat, I certainly believe that Slate Bleu offers more value than Fright House as I prefer to call it.

                    1. re: cwdonald

                      Thanks, cwdonald. My wife shops at the Talbot's next door from time-to-time, and each time I've looked at the menu, I found it expensive. However, haven't been there since the new menu. At those prices, is it now tapas-style small plates? Is it BYO?

                      1. re: famdoc

                        It's not small plates, just not gigantic portions. Wine list is online. Not great bargains but drinkable wine.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. Things have certainly changed at The Logan Inn since my hang-out-in-New Hope days of the 80's, as indicated by the upscale Mediterranean Nikolas at the Logan Inn. I can't say that it counts as an improvement based on our experience of Friday evening. My GF had called ahead to make a reservation only to be told they didn't take reservations on weekends and was first-come-first-served. Upon arrival, we were asked if we had reservations. Go figure. Hostess eventually "found" us an unreserved table near the reception station where everyone else arrived with reservations.

              Once seated, we both decided on the special blood orange cocktail (very tasty) and to go for the prix fixe menu of app/soup, salad, entree and dessert. Jen's onion soup crock and serving plate were completely glazed over with a rather bland cheese that took some digging but the soup was good. My "snapper" soup would have been an enigma if not served with the cruet of sherry and was quite well spiced to make up for the dearth of meat. Jen's beet salad was a winner but my "meh" Caesar came sans anchovies (even after waiter agreed) as the top-of-menu caveat "Changes and substitutions will be politely declined" even applies to staple ingredients.

              Our entrees were far less-than-stellar. Jen's miniscule lamb shank came in a large crock of orzo in tomato sauce that certainly was disappointing for $40. My $45 paella Valencia with its one shrimp, dried out scallops and tiny mussels was too salty to be edible and was the first time I have returned an entree in over a decade. The replacement salmon with Bernaise was an improvement but nothing I'd go back for.

              Desserts were OK - tiramisu and flourless chocolate cake - but we were now too full and frustrated by the increasing noise level to sit any longer so we packed up leftovers for home.

              P.S. I can't underscore enough how salty the paella was. It was truly inedible.

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              1. re: Chefpaulo

                Thanks for taking one for the team. I'll stick to The Pass, Hamilton's Grill Room, D'Floret and other nearby tried-and-true favorites. Some of your experiences there were inexcusable, but I would have repetitively questioned the assertion that a popular New Hope restaurant was "first-come, first-served" on a weekend evening.

                1. re: famdoc

                  FD, I had suggested Hamilton's but GF heard Nikolas was good. Now we know.
                  As for the front of house mess up, I think hostess lady was on break when Moon Unit chickie assistant understudy took the call admiring her new manicure not knowing WTF is going on.
                  Regarding back of house, Chef went on break while Sous added salt to the paella, line cook added more and chucked it into the salamander where all dried out. Seeing the resultant disaster, summer intern broiler man thought salt might hide the damage.
                  Those are my only logical conclusions.