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Dec 11, 2011 11:11 AM

de Buyer: Mineral vs Mineral B?

We've just started using our induction cooktop and new cookware. I need a larger "griddle" pan for pancakes and french toast. We like the de Buyer blue steel pans so far but the little 9.5" pan we use exclusively for eggs would be too small and the fry pans have sides that are too high.

I see that de Buyer has a Mineral and Mineral B 30cm (11.8") pans that would be perfect in size. However I don't see the Mineral version only the Mineral B version on various sites.

What's the difference? Looks like the Mineral would be fine for our use. Any sites for the plain Mineral version?



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  1. BTW, just noticed that de Buyer doesn't have an induction compatible icon as a characteristic of their blue steel line but it's obviously magnetic and works fine on our induction cooktop.



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    1. re: mdgolfbum

      "just noticed that de Buyer doesn't have an induction compatible icon ..."

      I always thought that was just a typo because like you said it can be easily magnetized

      1. re: Chemicalkinetics

        My guess is that on commercial induction units, the thinner blue line has more chance of warping.

      1. Mineral and Mineral B are very similar. In my view, they are essentially the same thing. There is another post similar to this. It may be helpful to you:

        1. I thought the "B" meant that it was coated with beeswax.

          1. Found the straight mineral line at and bought this one is 11.8" size: