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Dec 11, 2011 10:01 AM

Yeah! Pino's is open!

And the chow is just as fantastic as before! Man, I missed you!

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  1. Sorry, could you please enlighten me? Where and what is Pino's?

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    1. re: danny_w

      I think she speaks of Los Pinos out on Hudson Bend Road. Izzatso AmySueHere? Also, do you sail at the AYC. I used to and would pass this place long,long ago when it was some other Mexican place.

      1. re: singlemalt

        Thanks Amysue I've been checking this place on google for months. They have the absolute best red posole and salsa for my tastebuds in, err, out of, town. The house made corn tortillas rock too. You've made my day !!

      2. re: danny_w

        Sorry all. I've been out of touch. Yes, Los Pinos in Hudson Bend. There's a new tin roof and kitchen and a window where the fireplace was, but the staff and food are just as I remembered and fantasized over for these five long months. I'll bring more detail later, as I am sadly-slow typing on the iPhone