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Dec 11, 2011 09:41 AM

standing rib roast

Where can I buy a good one? I was thinking of the biftheque but since they're now closed, i cant remember the name of the butcher where norman selzer moved to--anybody?

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  1. I just ordered one from la maison du roti... don't know how good it will be, but I love the rest of their meat. It'll be $80 for 9 people.

    1. Costco is currently offering some nice rib roasts (Canada AAA grade meat) in various sizes (from 2 to 5 ribs) i've seen some at the one on bridge street, and they looked amazing.

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        i spoke to westmount butcher today. he has black angus 1855. pricey! but it is the best. wonder how big a difference you can taste between 1855 & AAA?

        1. re: remdog99

          1855 is a brand, the full name is "G.F. Swift 1855 Brand Premium Beef." AAA is a grade of marbling in the beef. Most marbled is Prime, then followed by AAA, AA and A. "Canada Prime specifies marbling as slightly abundant, A as a trace, AA as slight, AAA as small."

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            Westmount Butcher (Tony) is pricey but the quality is very good and he stands behind his product, which iirc is also organic and grass fed, etc.
            Most recently, in September, I bought a first cut standing rib roast for 8 ppl, but I can't recall how much I paid (I think it was a 4 rib one because we love the bones) but do remember it being tasty, of couse it is one of my mother's two and only specialties ! :)
            That said, Costco's meat is usually good and excellent price/quality, but a different category.

            Re: Norman Seltzer, it was NDG Meats a long time ago, but that is gone too, I think?

            1. re: HungryLurker

              "which iirc is also organic and grass fed, etc."

              I don't know anything about Westmount Butcher, but Swift 1855 is feedlot beef which by definition is neither grass fed nor organic.

              1. re: HungryLurker

                Second Westmount Butcher. Only let Tony trim it for you (he trims first and then weighs the final product). Last standing rib roast I got, he cut away the bone & then tied it back up again. It was the best prime rib I've ever cooked/tasted. A less pricey option is CostCo. If you don't see what you like in the cold case, the guys in the back will cut the roast to your specs.

                1. re: HungryLurker

                  Is Norman Seltzer still alive? When did he close the store?

                  1. re: Soupie

                    The Biftheque closed about a year ago. Norman is no longer the Beef God he used to be things have changed in the meat business and new candidates have taken his place. Norm used to come in to Tony's (Boucherie Westmount ) to look at his product.

            2. I think all the suggestions above are solid.
              Another option, speak to Joseph @ Fairmont butcher on St. Laurent. He usually doesn't stock it, but will order whatever you want (and reasonable).

              Any butcher @ Atwater market will sell you one, but I find them expensive.

              1. Was recently served excellent standing rib roast that came from Chez Vito. Don't know details about grade, grass vs. grain, etc., but this is generally a very reliable shop.