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iPad page format

Probably since a day or two ago when I try to view chow hound at 100%, the chow tips video box had become so big that it takes up half of the width and the rest of the content just got squished on the other end. Is anyone else seeing the same?

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  1. Yep. Not on every page, though. Individual threads are fine.

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    1. re: small h

      Same problem - it is getting very annoying - is anyone looking at a fix?

    2. Agreed- very annoying! Please fix it!

      1. Can someone from CH confirm the problem is recognized and brining worked on. Thanks.

        1. Yes, please move the box, it is quite annoying!

          1. Still a frustrating issue & a shame C H is unresponsive.

            1. I use an iPad, and although I haven't before looked at the videos, I just tried it. I don't see any problem at all, using it in portrait orientation, which is my usual. Perhaps the problem is related to the orientation, or to the level of iPad software.

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              1. re: GH1618

                You're right, portrait mode doesn't have this problem. Only in landscape mode.
                I like using landscape mode to look at web pages though because everything looks bigger.

                In either case, the video box doesn't play the video anyway... ugh!!

              2. I've just taken a look at this and was unable to reproduce the problem, in landscape or otherwise. Any chance we could get a screen shot from someone that's seeing this?

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                  1. re: cutipie721

                    Well that's definitely not right, and certainly not what we're seeing on this end. Might I ask what generation iPad you're seeing this on, and what version of iOS ?

                  2. re: Engineering

                    It's weird...

                    Start a new tab in landscape mode. Start typing "chow" in the addr bar and my prev history shows up. I then poke one of the links and I get this weird page.

                    I clicked refresh the page. No more big chow tips box. The page actually looks right.

                    Opened a new tab with the same page. Good looking page.

                    Shut down Safari completely. Reopen the page in landscape mode. Broken.

                    And after playing with it a few times, I don't see the broken page anymore. But I'm sure it will be back.

                    1. re: cutipie721

                      I got that blown up video widget today, just on one page. Then I haven't seen it happen again.

                      Maybe it's happening due to some semi random factor, like when the page doesn't load completely.

                      1. re: cutipie721

                        Mine worked fine over Christmas, but now the video box is back and really annoying. Nothing changed on the iPad (to my knowledge).

                        1. re: PhilD

                          I continue to experience this issue as well. Very annoying.

                    2. Hello Engineering, can you update us on what's being done to address this please. This issue has been ongoing for a month now.

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                      1. re: Breadcrumbs

                        I have given up on using iPad with CH for a while until today when I saw that the page format has been modified. It seems like the page actually looks right now. Is it still not working on your iPad?

                        1. re: cutipie721

                          Yes, if there is a video on the page, it's still an issue. It just happened as I attempted to load the Ontario page.

                          1. re: cutipie721

                            I had several problem-free days, but as of this morning the squished pages have returned.

                          2. re: Breadcrumbs

                            It is still happening. It improves then just goes back to the problem.

                            1. re: PhilD

                              Inconsistency seems to be the name of the game with this one. We've been able to reproduce it once or twice, but only by spinning the IPad back and forth ad absurdum. Needless to say, this is not terribly helpful in identifying the cause. Still, we do have some ideas; don't give up hope just yet.

                              If anything develops, we'll let you know. Thank you as always for your patience.

                              1. re: Engineering

                                I now have a brand new ipad v. 2 and it happens every single time I try to load any page on your site that has a video on it. Screen view identical to jpg posted above. Perhaps engineering should invest in an ipad 2 or, just go to an Apple store and test this to see what a frustrating issue this is.

                                1. re: Breadcrumbs

                                  Yes, not just Chowhound pages, but also any Chow page that has video on it. The video obscures the text when held in landscape mode, then shrinks back into place in portrait.

                          3. This is consistently happening for me as well, I use landscape and have the Ipad2

                            1. It seems to be fixed for me. Thanks