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Store-bought preserved lemons -- refrigerate? - moved from Gardening board

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Should these be refrigerated after opening? I would think so, but there's nothing specified on the jar, and a web search didn't provide a definitive answer.

I bought them for a lentil and tuna salad recipe from Dorie Greenspan's "Around My French Table". I'm hoping they will keep for a while as I don't have a ton of uses for them, at least for now.


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  1. technically, maybe not, since this method was invented long before refrigeration, but not knowing what's in them, i probably would anyway.

    when i make my own ( a snap, btw) they last 6-12 months in the fridge. after that they may go a bit brown, but are still fine.

    1. Paula Wolfert wrote in Epicurious: When you're ready to use a lemon, remove it with clean utensils to avoid contaminating the inside of the jar with bacteria. This way, the remaining contents of the jar will not need to be refrigerated.

      Read More http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...

      However, other sources agree with Hotoynoodle that in a fridge, they last 6 months or more.

      1. For what it's worth I've noticed that Kalustyan's house-made preserved lemons are now sold out of the refrigerator case. Up until a year or so ago they used to sell them on the pantry goods shelves next to the house-made chutneys and pickles. Why they would need to be refrigerated BEFORE opening is a puzzle to me, but there you go.

        1. I make my own (using recipe from Wolfert's old Morocco book) and never refrigerate.

          1. I always refrigerate mine - whether store-bought or home-made. Better safe than sorry, & refrigerating them won't affect the quality at all.

            1. The ones I see most often in the supermarket are Belazu. They suggest refrigeration and, even, then, they go mouldy quite quickly (I don't think I've ever finished a jar before the mould had set in).

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                I agree with Harters - mine mold really fast (even being careful not to contaminate the jar) so I store them in the fridge, hoping to get a little more time with them.

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                  i've only ever made them. i'm wondering if the store-bought, mass-produced ones go off more quickly than home-made?

              2. Thanks to everyone for the feedback. The brand I have is Roland. I put them in the fridge. I hope they last a while. The recipe only called for one lemon and it will be an expensive one if that's all I get out of the whole jar! Maybe I'll look into preserving the lemons myself in the future, though I suspect for the amount of work involved it might not be worth the effort, unless I find a lot of uses for preserved lemons.