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Dec 11, 2011 08:51 AM

Armenian restaurants?

I was talking with some friends last night about an Armenian restaurant that closed many years ago and which we loved. It was located on Diversey near the lake. We long for some of those dishes so I am wondering if fellow chowhounders have any suggestions as to where to find fine Armenian food in the north Chicago area or northern suburbs. My friends are from Turkey and they told me that Armenian food is the closest cuisine to Turkish and so each of us are now searching for Armenian restaurants. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. This is probably closer to downtown Chicago than you would like, but it is the only Armenian restaurant that I know of.
    There are several good Turkish restaurants on the north side, such as

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        I had forgotten about Sayat Nova, where I have eaten a number of times. Problem for me is its location which is a pain to get to and park near when you live 25 miles north of the loop. Thanks.

      2. The restaurant on Diversey was Casbah

        In October an Armenian restaurant opened in Glenview: Siunik Armenian Grill. They have a Facebook page with a nearly illegible menu. A much better view of the menu can be found here: This place sounds sort of fast foodish, but then you might say the same about Pita Inn.

        Supposedly they will be opening another restaurant on Oakton Street in downtown Skokie in the next month or so.

        Siunik Armenian Grill
        1707 Chestnut
        Glenview, IL

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          Thanks and thanks again. CASBAH!!! loved that restaurant and my wife and I ate there many times. And thanks for the recommendations. Glenview and Skokie are close enough to try them out.