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Dec 11, 2011 08:36 AM

Looking for Oakland area private Indian cooks

Help! I have 11 guests from out of town coming for the holidays and I'd like to hire an Indian cook to come and prepare some meals in my home. Does anyone have some recommendations?

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  1. Bengali food made to order

    Rekha is from Bangladesh and caters food from her kitchen in El Cerrito as well as when she returns to her homeland. My last dinner included biriyani, chicken rezala, aloo gobi, paneer matter, and paratha. The paratha was light and flaky unlike the usual suspects I've eaten.

    Rekha's English is good, but I would speak with her grown daughter Shakila.
    Full disclosure: I am her grandson's teacher.

    Rekha's Auhentic Bengali Recipe
    510 528-8270 El Cerrito

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