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Dec 11, 2011 08:27 AM

Thai Taste - Spartanburg - Never Again

Ciao Hounds,
Well I was so excited to try this place as I'd heard they'll make your food HOT! And I love my Thai food hot...So, I asked the host if they used extract sauces (Daves Insanity for ex) and they said no. Well, my food came out tasting like nothing but tomato paste and heat - It was awful - I asked my waitress this time if there was extract sauce used and she said of course - that's how they get it so hot. Grr. by now I couldn't taste anything (and I LOVE hot food - cooked correctly with out crappy additives) and my stomach was killing me - again, this never happens with straight chiles - Anyway - the whole experience just left a bad taste in my mouth. Next time I'm in Spartanburg I'm going to the Beacon!

(and for my Thai fix I'll continue to support the fabulous Little Bee in Asheville - where they can heat it up and it's delicious!)

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  1. Chezdy,

    I am not sure the Beacon will eliminate the stomach hurting issue...ha. My in-laws live near Spartanburg and we really struggle finding decent spots to dine...which is unfortunate. Someone recently told me of another Thai spot there but we have not been...we usually end up in Greenville.

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      I live in Spartanburg but have an office in Greenville, so I've been to about every Thai place in the two cities. Sadly, it is true that Spartanburg is really lacking in good restaurants. Of the Thai places, Lime Leaf and Bangkok Thai are passable. My favorites are in Greenville, Thai Restaurant on Augusta (been there for years), and Bangkok Thai on Pelham.