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Dec 11, 2011 07:58 AM

Trenton- pizza confusion!

I am going to be in Trenton for the weekend and was told that I must go to DeLorenzo's Tomato Pies. However, I am confused due to the several locations. The original one on Hudson has another location in Robbinsville, yet I saw another article about DeLorenzo's on Hamilton Street. What to do?

Also, while I'm in Trenton - other suggestions fro good places to eat? Thanks.

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  1. Having been to both Hamilton Street and Hudson Street locations....I would give the edge to Hamilton for comfort and service...but, the edge to Hudson for the pies....however, I do not consider the latter as great as others do here in the court of public opinion...given the obstacles simply just to secure a table, opening time and service. Also, they cannot be considered great when you pay for a topping and they are chintzy with the portion given. The sausage is scarce and the clams are canned.. I believe the last time I was there, three pies cost me near 70 bucks with tax and tip, but I admit I did not look at a menu, so I have no idea of the prices for the pies or toppings. They were described as large pies, but compared to Northern New Jersey pizza offerings, I would consider them medium sized.......I ordered precisely when they opened their door at 4PM, after waiting over an hour in the street to do so. They sat people, took their orders and served them all before I got my order. I received my order @ 5:45PM. A long time to wait for take-out....

    If you decide to call either location for any reason.....Hamilton Street will pick up and be very accommodating, Hudson Street, not so much from my experience.

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      Wow! You are really a patient man. No pizza, no matter how good, is worth an hour and a half plus wait. I would say that few meals are worth that, for that matter.

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        How about a hot dog or sandwich.....I waited 1 hour and 55 minutes for a hot dog @ Pink's....and a similar long wait time for a French Dip @ Phillipe's

        Or the five hour wait @ Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix....

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          cantkick - I'll have to disagree about that. As fourunder has noted, I've waited over 2 hours for pizza at Pizzeria Bianco and it was well worth it. So, I guess it all comes down to priorities.

          1. re: bgut1

            I would wait two hours for Frank Pepe's Clam Pie.....


            Ever go to Tocconelli's in Philadelphia?

            1. re: fourunder

              I haven't tried Tocconelli's but it's on my list (in fact they have one across from the Mall in Maple Shade). I'm hopping to make a pizza run one of these days and try it along with Osteria.

      2. Also, while I'm in Trenton - other suggestions fro good places to eat?

        Tapas likes Papa's Tomato's on the list for me to give a try, but the hours are never aligned with my schedule on travel plans. He also like Rossi's for a burger, but sad to say my experiences there have not been as favorable.

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          +1 for Rossi's. If you go, don't forget to order the homemade potato chips which are off the menu. For Pizza, I would avoid the hour, space and bathroom issues at Hudson and go to the location in Robbinsville (much more comfortable), Otherwise, I've enjoyed the pie at Hamilton almost as much. Good luck.

        2. I'm a fan of the Hamilton Ave DeLorenzo's. I concede that the Hudson St pizza might be a notch above the Hamilton Ave location, but the comfort and service totally outweighs the miniscule jump in quality, imho.

          All of that said, the Hudson Ave location is closing, apparently, according to this article. So if you want to have the "old school" pizza experience there, you MAY want to consider stopping by.