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Dec 11, 2011 06:53 AM


We have made reservations at Redfish Grill....any suggestions? whats best?

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  1. Barbecue Oysters. I've been wanting to go back there just for that. Everything else was good, but the oysters were most memorable.

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      also the double-chocolate bread pudding.

      (dah tricked by a zombie thread!!)

    2. Double Chocolate Bread Pudding......mmmmmmmmm !!

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        The BBQ oysters are one of the best tastes in new orleans at the redfish highly recommended and the sweet potato catfish if its still on the menu.

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          I haven't been in about 10 years, but the Double Chocolate Bread Pudding is amazing. I found the recipe online and make it every once in awhile. Super rich and gooey!

        2. Just an fyi: bbq oysters =buffalo style fried oysters. I am not a fan of the tourist centric Redfish Grill. Service has always been lacking, food is merely ok. Want that bread pudding...go for dessert and sit at the bar.

          1. well our reservations turned out to be a waste of time. it took forever to get our first drink, then the waiter kept coming back and saying he was checking on our food but it should only be a few minutes. the final straw was about the 5th time he stopped and said it would only be about 3 minutes. we told management to cancel our order and we left. i do not recommend it.

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              Good to know I've not been missing anything. A neighbor was dragged there sometime last year and he was so miffed he insisted we meet at Clancy's that night.

              1. re: hazelhurst

                we left there and went to our favorite place ~ La Bayou ~ always good, always friendly and never keeps us waiting

                1. re: kysurvivor

                  I've never heard of La (sic) Bayou - how long has it been there? I couldn't get a look at it on google maps - the street view is apparently blocked by a large sysco truck.

                  1. re: expatorleanian

                    its LeBayou is at 208 Bourbon street. i have no idea how long its been there but we absolutely love it!

                    1. re: kysurvivor

                      That sounds like where Toney's Spaghetti was located, in the Pleistocene era.

                  2. re: kysurvivor

                    When you go to Le Bayou make sure you sit at the raw bar with Teddy. Great service, funny and he shucks a mean oyster. Had dinner there Friday night and went back Sunday night after the Celtics/Heat game to talk smack and have some oysters.

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