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May 23, 2006 10:23 PM

List of Desserts at Aroma Cafe?

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There is no listing on their menu and there's ALWAYS a line so I can't ask them to tell me EVERYTHING in the case. Can you help add to my list?

Chocolate cup cake
Red Velvet cup cake
Vanilla cup cake
Bear cake - chocolate cake with marshmallow cream center
carrot cake
chocolate chip cookie

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  1. I have been going to Aroma for about 5 years now, and my favorite cake has always been the raspberry bundt cake with a white choc icing, its sweet but a little tarty with the raspberries. A few weeks back I also had a nice lemon cheesecake. They have such a variety, I usually look in the case and go for what looks good. It would help customers a lot if they would display the cakes cut side to face the glass so that you would be able to better see what the cakes were, as once they are cut you get a better idea as to whats in them!!!

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    1. re: deb

      Yes, I mean the Aroma on Tujunga in Studio Coty - sorry.
      Yes, they're cupcakes are from Auntie Ems, I know.
      I just want to compile as complete a list as possible of all the desserts in their case (I know they don't have everything all the time) It's usually very crowded, so I'd like to be prepared!

      I agree they should face the cakes towards the customer - and they should label the cakes with names and ingredients - a la whole foods - that would be great - and save a lot of "what's that one - no...the other one...with the, the one above it...!

      Someone told me about a caramel cheesecake but I can't remember the exact details. Sound familiar to anyone?

    2. Where is this Aroma Cafe? It sounds wonderful!

      1. I have had a wonderful pinapple upside down cake, very moist. The german chocolate cake is great. Also don't miss out on their hot chocolate with homemade marshmellows

        Aroma Cafe is in Studio City
        4360 Tujunga Ave, just south of Moorpark

        (pretty great lunch and breakfast items too)

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        1. re: CarlieInLA

          Thanks for the clarification. there is also an Aroma Cafe in Newbury Park that is not affiliated with the one in Studio City. That is why it is always helpful if posters would include the city of the restaurant

          1. re: nancyc

            Where in N.P.? and is it the same/affiliated with the Israeli chain/franchise in Tarzana? It's on Lindley & Ventura Driven by there and this place is always crowded with people lined up outside waitng to get in.

        2. By the way, I'm pretty sure that they get their cupcakes (or at least some of them) from Auntie Em's in Eagle Rock.

          1. I noticed across from Fairfax High on Melrose, a place called Aroma. Are they affiliated?