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Dec 10, 2011 09:43 PM

Great marzipan?

Does anyone know of any place in the city that has great marzipan? If not, does anyone know of any site that I could order excellent marzipan from?

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  1. una, just fyi, marzipan is wicked easy to make: a puree of skinned almonds, egg white, sugar, almond extract. lots of web recipes but if you need mine, let me know. (btw, a lesser quality commercial product will use apricot kernels in place of all or part of the almonds).

    1. Just got some as a gift, shipped from Vermont Country Store, didn't know it could be so delicious! It's Bergen brand. They're beautifully shaped like little fruits. I would link but it doesn't work, sorry.

      1. fastachi in watertown on mt. auburn has gorgeous belgian marzipan - for everything nuts and chocolate this is a great go to place and you can go shop at arax and severn's for everything else right after.

        1. Outside of the city, I pick up my holiday marzipan at Karl's Sausage Kitchen in Saugus or at Russo's Candies, also in Saugus.

          1. Marzipan has been my very favorite candy since I first discovered it at about age 12. Serenade Chocolatiers in Brookline Village (branch shop in South Station) has excellent marzipan, available either as chocolate-covered cubes or the same with a layer of chocolate truffle on top of the marzipan. Mail-order, See's Candies in California does a very good chocolate-covered marzipan. But the very best of all is the German brand Niederegger, which can be bought at Cardullo's in Harvard Square or at Karl's Sausage Kitchen in Saugus.