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Dec 10, 2011 08:36 PM

Your favorite freeze ahead meal recipe?

Normally I don't mind spending an hour or more in the kitchen preparing a tasty meal but because I am going to have a newborn infant attached to me in a couple of weeks I am looking for freeze ahead meals. Please share your favorite recipe for a meal that can be made and then frozen and stored to be used weeks to months later. I know I'm going to get really tired of my frozen beef lasagna and so I'm looking for other recipes - whether it be a casserole dish or frozen chopped veggies to be used in a slow cooker dish!

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  1. I normally cook curries and stews in bigger amounts than I can eat. They freeze very well (and in my opinion actually improve in taste). The same goes for pasta sauce and a lot of soups.
    You can also finely slice chicken breast or other meat, freeze in portions and take out to make a quick stir fry (with frozen veges).
    My favourite ones? Probably rendang, boeuf bourgignon, coq au vin, beef flamande, vindaloo, actually too many to mention :)

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      Thanks for the ideas! I had never thought of the chicken idea to make stir fry, what a great thought.

    2. I tend to "lose" things in my freezer so I don't like to make ahead many meals as I'll forget about them.......That being said I always have chili & from-scratch sloppy joe mix in my freezer whether from beef or ground turkey.

      For time-saving purposes I tend to rely on the frozen steamer bags of veggies & rice for quick meals during the week. And on Sundays I'll make up a bunch of rice or pasta for the week so I won't have to make fresh every nite.

      ETA: Congrats in advance on the baby!

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        Its actually really easy to prep a lot of slow cooker meals for the freezer. Make them up until the point of cooking and freeze and then all you have to do is defrost the day before and pop in the slow cooker. I recently did this with a chili turkey recipe, but would also work well with lots of other recipes.

        Meatloaf is another favorite freezer meal. Make it in muffin tins and then you can freeze individual servings. Meatballs are good for freezing too.

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          This is not a cooking idea, but a good friend gave us a huge bag of sliced bagels when our daughter was born. I promptly ate about half of them but then we put the rest in the freezer. What a gift! Quick, warm half-bagels toast quickly and got us through many a hunger pang in those post-partum weeks. Best of luck and congratulations in advance!

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            Mmmm I love bagels, I will definitely add those to the list to make and freeze! Thanks!

      2. In case you are planning on breast feeding, I thought I would give you a heads up that you may want to avoid freezing foods/meals that have garlic, "gassy" or are acidic as they are known to commonly cause issues with breast fed newborns. I wish someone had told me, before I froze all that lasagna, baked ziti, beef goulash, cream of broccoli soup, chili, and curry. Nothing like having a newborn with stomach/gas pains and screaming for hours on end. Thank god my lactation consultant knew right away what the likely cause was. As soon as I changed my diet, eliminating anything with garlic, tomato, beans or broccoli, within 24 hours, my baby was much happier and quiet.

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          I am planning on breastfeeding since I did with my first son, and I will be very sad if those foods cause problems, I live on garlic anything :) But a happy quiet baby wins over any food!

        2. Chinese dumplings and won tons.