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Dec 10, 2011 06:50 PM

Good Chocolate Shops in Paris- suggestions?

I put up a post earlier expressing my hope to do an internship with a chocalatier in Paris this summer. Now I'm trying to find shops I can contact to inquire about an apprenticeship. Because I've never been to the city, I was hoping some of the great foodies out there could help me out with naming some chocolate shops. :) Big, small, popular, quiet.. I want to hear them all! Thanks so much! :)

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  1. Jacques Genin is probably the most famous. But there are scores of others as well.

    La Maison du Chocolat

    Jean Paul Hevin

    Michel Chaudun

    Patrick Rogers

    1. Roland lists some excellent ones there, and here is a list of some others from

      1. Pascal Legac in ST.Grmain en Laye. My new favorite. it's excellent. also Patrice Chapon on the Rue de Bac. Yum yum. Also, A La Petite Fabrique in the rue ST Sabin. I believe they manufacture on the premices..

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          Thank you very much :-) The info here expands my "did not try yet" list of Michel Chaudun and Roger. I read on the board about Legac and very much would like to visit, but isn't his place suppose to be well outside of Paris center area? I think he started in a last centric area let's call it, is it still only there or another branch was opened? Also 2 other names i will look on the net, thanks a lot !
          Btw for the more "exotic" flavours, truffels combinations of dark C and fruit and spices etc., less the "heavier" classic flavours but more of intense interesting "work your mind" combos :-) Who are the ones to look up those days..

        2. You might want to check out this link:

          I don't know if the information is good, because I haven't been yet, but it looks fun!

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            Pascal Legac is not in Paris proper but a 20 minute ride on the RER A line,then a short walk. It is very well worth it,I can assure you. Michel Chaudun is not very not that interesting- mostly molded chocolates in a variety of shapes,very cute,very expensive.Good pate de fruits,however. Roger is the ne plus ultra of sophistication. more 'homey' is A La Mere de Famille,near the Bon Marche. My vote for most over-rated: La Maison du Chocolat. One persons opinion :)

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              Hi Pammi, especially with chocolate, "big chains" in general i try to avoid, and i think LMDC is not an exception :-) I have currently in my list for next visit, so many exceptional places like including the pastry focused ones, and i'm taking also your advices, especially regarding Chaudun i think, but still i may visit at least for the personal impression.. I think his paves are a nice possibility for a sample, the "artistic" side altough of course highly respected, is less of an interest for me.
              Regarding Pascal Legac, i should have enough time to visit and will check if there is some other interesting "foodie" place to check in the area (maybe like the large supermarkets i asked about in other thread). I find his website to be very much to my taste when it comes to such places - humble, no fireworks and straight to the point. Btw i tried in past visit a chocolatier located very close and "above" Raspail market area but not that "east" to Jardin Luxemburg, a very long and wide main street with many designer shops i think, and the small shop was in a side street.. Anyway, it had combos like dark and tobacco, and some other exotic stuff.. wasn't bad at all, but far from being up with the best i've had.

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                Go to Lagac on one of the market days they have in ST. Germain en Laye. it's really well priced,as compared to the bio markets they have in central Paris. His store is facing on the market square. also the street that leads into the market square which you have to go down is lined with food shops . Some of the prettiest Patisseries I've ever seen were on that street (don't know the name,but you have to take it to get to Lagac's boutique.) You'll have ball..

                1. re: pammi

                  Sounds like a great plan, thanks a lot..