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Dec 10, 2011 04:14 PM

Ikea's food market

I haven't been to Ikea in awhile but when I went today I was disappointed how they changed their Swedish food in the market. They used to carry authentic Swedish treats like Kalles, Daim candy, that pungent licorice and some authentic lingonberry preserve brands. But now it's all very boring sounding Ikea products. It's a shame because our Swedish au pairs got us into a lot of these products and now I will have to get them off the internet. That was my biggest attraction for going there.

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  1.'s pretty disappointing, especially for my boyfriend, who loved those cookies-cake things in the refrigerated case that were covered in shredded coconut, as well as the Kex chocolate.

    1. BTW, has anyone been to one of their Julbords ?

      1. That sucks when you have Swedish au pairs who get you excited about things and . . . wait, what was I saying?

        1. Wait, they don't have Daim candy anymore? Do they still sell Abba herring or any imported Swedish products, or is everything Ikea brand?

          @dump: I went to the Julbord last year near Boston. The food was wonderful -- fresh salmon, meatballs, roast beef, ham, many salads... but despite their warnings of "buy tickets early, it sells out fast!", they far over-sold the event and were still selling tickets at the door. The line to get in stretched through the store. I got there just as the event started, and an hour later, they had completely run out of food and were just serving chicken left over from the cafeteria, despite the massive line waiting for seats.

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            Yikes. I saw the online ad for the Julbord at my local Ikea (SF Bay Area) just 2 days before it was to take place, and was considering trying it out. I wonder if it was as overbooked as yours was.

            1. re: Boston_Otter

              Yeah, the Daim was replaced by their house version and the ABBA sil is now gone,There was no tube cheese or roe last 2 times I was there so I suspect that they are going to replace them with some inferior house brand next. Shame.