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Dec 10, 2011 04:07 PM

Christmas Eve dinner Central Nj

Any suggestions for Chrisymas EVe dinner? Have never eaten out before. Looking for Metuchen, Edison or New Brunswick.

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  1. My late husband and I once went out looking for dinner on Christmas Eve. No place was open. No diners, no restaurants and not even Mom and Pop places.

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      1. I know that LAST YEAR Catherine Lombardi in New Brunswick was open Christmas Eve. I do not know if they are open this year. Suggest you phone and ask.

        1. It's outside the area you specified but I was just reading that Restaurant Nicholas is open on Christmas Eve. Nicholas is one of the premier restaurants in the state so you might want to think about going there.

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            Thanks for the replies. A reservation opened up at the Metuchen Inn. It as mixed reviews but it's close to home and my mother has always wanted to try it.

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              Freshstart19, you're probably aware that the Metuchen Inn was closed for almost a year following a fire in March, 2010. It reopened in February. After your dinner there, please let us know what you thought of it. I always liked the old Inn but, as you say, it had decidedly mixed reviews.

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                I can say I never had a good meal at the Metuchen Inn after being dragged there on business or by friends. Why don't you try looking on open table.

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                  Well, my family did go for dinner at the Metuchen Inn on Christmas Eve. We had an early reservation. We liked the food, but the service was not wonderful. Nothing awful, but nothing remarkable either. We would go back because of the convenience for us and the food that we had was good. Only one person complained that their portion was on the small side, but that was for fish.

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