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Kid friendly dinner near Nashua

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Inlaws are arriving in a few weeks. Normally we go to Lucia's Tavola in Brookline, which we really enjoy. But we'd like to try someplace new. We'll have 2 toddlers with us so it needs to be somewhat accommodating to kids...we don't need a kid's menu though. Any cuisine is fine.

Inlaws are a bit picky. No chains. Something more than casual...but obviously not formal since we have the kiddos.

We've done MT's, which I think is just okay. We've also done Saffron Bistro.

Anything new?

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  1. What about that pizza place everybody raves about on Amherst Street? Or the Korean place on Broad Street? We like India Palace. If you live in the Milford/Amherst area, it's easier to take 101 to Manchester, and your options open up,

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      Not a fan of Crush.

      I LOVE Shira Kiku on Broad Street...I sent my MIL an email asking if she likes Asian or Indian...not sure....

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        I strongly encourage you to try Republic in Manchester. If you don't want to travel that far, we have enjoyed meals at River Cafe in Milford. There's also Mile Away--love the giant fireplace in the main dining room.

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          I second the recommendation for Republic. The food is wonderful, it has a casual atmosphere, and the service is delightful!