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Best tres leches cake

Does anyone know the best place to get tres leches cake in the Twin Cities?

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  1. The tres leches at 112 Eatery was fantastic, very rich and decadent.

    The cake at Caribe was also very good.

    1. durango bakrery on central, next to sen lai sen lek has a great one

      1. 112 Eatery is the best I have had in town.

          1. dcullumb - do you mean a panaderia to take home or a restaurant to eat in at?

            The panaderia on the corner of Nicollet and 28th Street is great. Sorry, can't remember the name.

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              I believe that's Marissa's panaderia. I love their bolillos and most everything they make. I don't recall seeing a tres leches but I was all about the bread and churros last time I was there.

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                I had in a mind a place to sit down and eat, but someplace super casual.

              2. Chimborazo has a very nice tres leches cake. It has fresh strawberries on it. Dang it, now I want some!

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                  i believe chimborazo gets their cake from durango, down the street. it is sit down and super-casual, per the op.

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                    Quick note about Chimborazo's wonderful Tres Leches cake - My personal Tres Leches researcher (aka my sister) called them to to ask where they get their cake. They said it's made specifically for them, but not by a local bakery. But she tasted the T.L. at Durango Bakery and said it was quite good - her current bakery favorite.

                    P.S. She gives a thumbs-down ruling for the T.L.s at Marissa's Panaderia and the Mexican bakery at the Midtown Global Market; she said both were terrible.

                2. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I had in mind a place that we could sit down and eat dessert. I'd love to try to tres leches at 112 eatery. I haven't eaten there before, but my sense is we'd need a reservation and we are just going out for dessert tonight. Caribe also sounded intriguing, but they are closed on Monday. Am I wrong to assume that there must be a good place to get tres leches on Lake St or Cesar Chavez? From where I'm coming from either would be more convenient than driving to Chimborazo.

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                    I'd still recommend Cave Vin if it's on the menu (call first). My husband and I go there just as much for that as for the rest of the food.

                  2. I'm not an expert on (or really much of a fan of) tres leches cake, but thought I'd pass on this post from a few years back where some 'hounds did a tres leches tasting: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/448772

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                      Do groups still get together for tastings? That sounds like fun!

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                        Anyone can organize a chowdown, sheepy! Go for it! They are super fun.

                        Here's how:


                    2. Have you tried at Panadería el Méxicano in Mercado Central?

                      [edit:] But if you're looking for a casual but NON latin or Mexican place that also happens to have tres leches on the menu, to the best of my recollection these places have served it in the past:

                      (in addition to Cafe Vin, 112, etc. mentioned above)

                      French Meadow
                      Cheeky Monkey
                      Cafe Latte

                      I've only tried it at Mercado Central, Cheeky Monkey, and at a party in Guadalajara. List is clearly not ranked in the proper order. ;)

                      And I know you're looking for it at a restaurant, but this is a REALLY good (IMHO) recipe if you want to go at it yourself! http://patismexicantable.com/2010/02/...

                      1. What about that bakery that was across the river from downtown St. Paul on Wabasha or Robert St. Just beyond the caves. (Sorry my sense of geography isn't better and I don't remember the name. But know my fellow hounds will know what I'm talking about.)

                        The place had a tres leches cake. There was a little area for sitting. It had a fire though. Is it back in business?

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                          They're still out of commission, after the boulder crashed through the roof last spring. Looks like they're hoping to reopen in another location though.

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                              Thanks for the update. I'll hope the reopening happens soon and goes without a hitch.