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Dec 10, 2011 03:07 PM

Restaurants near Atlanta airport?

HI--we are staying at the Marriott Gateway hotel near the airport for a stopover (couldn't get those frequent flier tickets to work otherwise) on our way to Turks and Caicos on December 23. Any suggestions for budget-moderate priced dinner that can access via Marta, walk or short cab ride? We were considering Pecan, Feed Store, Barbecue Kitchen but are open to other suggestions (got discount coupons from for Pecan and Feed Store just in case--were $2 each).

Thanks so much.

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  1. If you're going to get on MARTA, anyway, I'd suggest coming N into town. That'll expand your options tremendously. I'd go at least to North Ave- there are some places more downtown, but it's just not as dinner friendly as Midtown.

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      We hadn't been to The Brake Pad in College Park in a long time until just the other day. Didn't eat, but it still has a great setup if the weather's nice. Think basic pub food and a small-but-decent beer list.

    2. Also, INSIDE the security zone (i.e. ticketed only) in terminal E is One Flew South If you don't have to pick up your bags or want to go in early.

      1. Two places come to mind. Both are on Virginia Ave. right by ATL.

        It's very informal, but Spondivits is a bar that is right by the airport. They have VERY good New England clam chowder--best I've tasted in ATL--and they serve these buckets of seafood that are drizzled in butter. Choose from different combos of lobster, crab, and shrimp. Place is loud, and valet parking is mandatory, but you'd probably have to cab it from the airport, but it's a very short trip.

        The other place is W of I-85 about 1/2 mile on Virginia and it's called the Manchester Arms. Nicer little British pub and restaurant. I originally went there to have fish and chips, and was pleased that they have ginger beer, which is the only way to have fish and chips! But I've been several times, and all the specials I've tried are VERY good. They have this Israeli cous cous sometimes that they serve with seafood dishes that is excellent. Very nice little place that is less casual than Spondivits, but very comfortable. There is outdoor seating available if the weather is agreeable as well. Wine list is decent, not awesome, IMHO.

        I realize this is late, but I'm sure someone will be flying through ATL and want to eat. Better late than never.

          Some of the best Thai food you'll ever eat, just inside I-285 on Old National Highway - not far from your hotel and the airport.

          I'm also a sucker for Paschal's in the Atrium area of the airport. Jus' grab you a tray and chow down. We plan trip times to be able to enjoy biscuits and gravy for a pre-flight breakfast.

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            Zab-e-Lee used to be a mainstay for me when I did the Lakewood market back ten years ago. Went religiously, sometimes twice in a weed end, and then suddenly it changed hands and was not very good. Is it back to being very good again?

            Spondivits is obnoxiously loud, and I don't think the food is as good as the time we ate at the Buford location (is that one closed?). Actually, I'm not sure I think it's all that terrific, and it's pricey. I see their on line menu is price-less. Be prepared for a wait. Sometimes a long wait. Used to go with a handful of friends for the shark's platter which was really great fun and quite good for sharing. Ordering off the menu seemed less successful and the last visit was not fab, so we stopped going.

            Friends who stay near the airport go to the MA every month, sometimes more than once in a week end and can't be budged to try anything else. Sounds like an endorsement to me!

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              The family now running Zab-e-Lee has returned it to the high standards of the past.

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                Hi! Hope I am not misunderstanding your post above, but what is "the MA" as in: Friends who stay near the airport go to the MA every month.

                We are flying into Atlanta soon (mid afternoon), and I know we will need a bite to eat when we get in, but want to save the nicer meal for dinner. That Thai place sounds great. Just curious about what "The MA" may possibly be! Thanks!

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                  +1 for Paschel's in the airport. Hubby & I eat there every time we go through ATL. I could eat myself sick there. LOL!

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                    Manchester Arms, referenced in spikedds' post above.

              2. A shout-out to Barbecue Kitchen! Short cab ride from airport.
                1437 Virginia Ave, College Park, GA 30337-2205
                Prices are right and the welcome is genuine. Bless their hearts, you can get WHOLE catfish, yummy veggies, great biscuits/ jalapeno cornbread, and the cobbler of the day.