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Dec 10, 2011 12:01 PM

Sarasota Gold Dynasty Restaurant

Is this place still open and if so is it still pretty good?

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  1. Definately one of the top chinese in Sarasota.........

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    1. re: irwin

      Glad to know it's still around. I think we might try it again for dinner this evening. We were there last season (snowbirds from Toronto) and thought the dim sum was just ok but were thankful that we were even able to have dim sum in Sarasota that was at least half way decent. Also authentic Chinese food that wasn't too bad either. I know it's definitely the best Chinese in Sarasota by far.

      What are people's recommendations to eat from the "authentic" portion of the menu..

      Also, does anyone know if their American style Chinese food is better than the other Sarasota Chinese restaurants, not just the usual ordinary crap.

      1. re: irwin

        Excuse me Irwin, of what? Good Chinese restaurants in Sarasota???? Still looking!

        1. re: Mother of four

          I am not saying its excellent. I am saying its one of the best in Sarasota, which I know has a lot to be desired for chinese restaurants. Also these two should be listed as being decent:
          Bangkok on Swift and Proctor
          Peking Tokyo on Rt 70 in Lowe's Shopping Center

          1. re: irwin

            Never cared for Bangkok, but there is a good Thai restaurant in the shopping mall at Beneva and Fruitville which is quite good. I'm pretty sure this is the one; not Chinese but what can I say!!!


            1. re: Mother of four

              We had a decent meal at Gold Dynasty this past Sunday evening...not great but certainly passable and wayyyy better than any other Chinese restaurant in Sarasota. There were a number of Asian diners there.....some from Ontario, Canada near where we live during the summer months.
              Their lo bak go (sp) turnip cake is terrible though...tastes like fried flour rather than turnip and their nor mai gai (sp) sticky rice is delicious but doesn't have enough "stuff" inside the rice.....only a teeny piece of chicken and a teeny piece of mushroom.

              1. re: Mother of four

                I agree with Irwin about Gold Dynasty; short of going to Tampa,(Yummy House or China Yuan, St Pete, ABC), It is the "best" in the immediate area. The only thing about their survivability is their location on the North Trail. This stretch of 41 is not doing very well for any and all businesses. Too bad they did not find a place near Main St. or South 41.

                1. re: Mother of four

                  Pho Cali Main St. is a good alternate Asian (Viet), to the lack of Chinese places in Sarasota