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Dec 10, 2011 11:12 AM

Al Molo

Has anyone been here recently? We are thinking about trying this restaurant, and would appreciate some feed back if possible.

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  1. Not yet, but s freind is very keen so may head there in th New Year. It won't be a fine diner but it does bring "the exquisite skills of New York celebrity chef, Michael White to Hong Kong diners." (their website). It's New York style Italian which struck me as an odd concept in these days of produce driven real Italian food....which is probably still on the "maybe one day list".

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    1. re: PhilD

      Thanks PhilD, I do hope you try it before March so I will know whether to make a reservation or not. There is not a lot of talk on the internet about it and that makes me wonder. Michael White is a very popular chef in New York so I thought I would find more information.

      1. re: dlgc

        It opened in a flurry of PR a few months ago. It seemed to be featured in just about every online and print publication for a couple of weeks.

        HK is really big on these types of restaurants as lots of places are parts of mini chains rather than being independent. In this case "Dining Concepts" run 17 different restaurants in HK, including one of my favourite Indians (Bombay Dreams) and quite a decent fun Italian steak house (Bistecca) a good Argentinean steakhouse (Tango) , however their French bistro (Bouchon) didn't do much for me.

        They, and others of their ilk, often deliver a good product at a reasonable price for a good fun night out with freinds (I am sorry to say some of my friends are not food obbsessed) and as a result there is enormous choice here.

    2. I actually like Al Molo a lot and try to go there every two weeks or so to get my fix of pasta. I tried Marea when I was in NYC and really liked his food. Al Molo is not as good as Marea but their pasta are some of the best in HK.

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        How does it compare to Bistecca or Tosca in the Ritz Carlton.

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          Go to Bistecca for the steak and Al Molo for the pasta. For steak, there are other good places in town as well but the three times I was at Bistecca, I was happy with the meal. Didn't like Tosca the one time I was there. So so food with exorbitant prices for the view! Much prefer Al Molo or Otto.

        2. re: HKTraveler

          The Linguine with Scampi or Vongole at Da Domenico is hard to beat! But they are so damn expensive!!!!!! Not to mention their abrasive service! Sigh!!! Otherwise, will be a great bi-weekly pasta fix as well!