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Dec 10, 2011 10:31 AM

Asian produce in New Haven or Norwich area?

Hi, I'm looking for a place in New Haven or Norwich area that sells Asian produce? Thanks in advance for the suggestions

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  1. There is JMart on Orange St. near the old Colosseum site, also one one Whitney Ave near Trumbull St I think it's the Hong Kong Market. For Indian there is a market next to Goodwill on the Post Road in West Haven

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    1. re: mmalmad

      Oh, where is the produce section at Hong Kong Market? I only saw packaged goods

      1. re: malyna

        As I recall it does, but I have not been there in a while. I usually go to JMart

        1. re: malyna

          If we're talking about the market part of Great Wall (on Whitney), the produce is downstairs.

      2. The newly opened Panda Market at 16 Franklin St. in Norwich does a pretty good job and seems busy enough to hang around. They do have some decent produce. It is a welcome addition to the area.