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Dec 10, 2011 09:13 AM

Christmas Drinks around Warren

Thinking about going to Natirar -- heard its was very pretty. Any thoughts or alternate suggestions?


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  1. I haven't been myself, but friends have liked "Uproot" in Warren.

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    1. re: bropaul

      Funny, you should mention it but that is my current alternative. I was there last year and it was pretty and has a nice bar menu. Thnks,

      1. re: deirdreo

        Deirdreo, the only place that came to my mind was also Uproot. By any chance, have you eaten there since all their changes took place - new chef, new menu, elimination of lunch, etc.?

        We ate there only once. I didn't particularly like the atmosphere; they couldn't seem to make up their minds if they were running an upscale restaurant or a cocktail lounge.

        1. re: ambrose

          Was there a year ago (right around this time of year) wasn't aware of a change. You have me a little concerned now though. Will definitely do more research -- thanks,

          1. re: deirdreo

            I think Anthony Bucco left earlier this year and the other changes were implemented since then. When we ate, Bucco was still there and the food was really very good. As I said, however, I just didn't like the space. As I recall, there wasn't a single area in the dining area where you couldn't see the big plasma TV in the bar area (unless of course you had your back to the TV),

            If you're just going for drinks, I don't think you'll notice any change.

    2. 90 Acres bar area is an excellent Christmas choice - great decor, very SPECIAl indeed, second choice would be the Bernards Inn - teh inn is in its full glory for teh holidays, decorate dto the "nines" - piano music every night an da great bar scene.

      Uproot has a great bar and they squeeze in a trio for music on weekends; 3 West also a fun drinks option but no live music- teh only drawback is that both of these are in Jersey strip malls though and dont really match the "specialness" of Christmas, the drive up the hill to 90 Acres and the homey feel of the Inn will reflect the season really well