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Dec 10, 2011 08:59 AM

Dinner suggestions near Riviera Theater?

Wondering if anyone has any suggestions for an early dinner walking distance from the Riviera Theater. Any type of great food will do! Thanks!

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  1. Sun Wah is just to the north, , festive, good Chinese. There's a Mexican cafe just north of Lawrence on Broadway, but I have no idea if it's good. Many other Asian choices on Argyle (5000 north), starting at Broadway and going east a few blocks.

    1. Check out all the recommendations in this discussion:

      Need reco near Aragon/Uptown -

      The Riviera is a half block from the Aragon, so all the recommendations and distances there are equally applicable.

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        "Great" might be a stretch, but I found the food at Fat Cat to be decent when in the area before a Green Mill (in same area) show:

      2. Thanks for the suggestions. We ended up eating at the Ethiopean Restaurant on the corner and it was quite good. Friendly service and a reasonably priced nice wine list.