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Dec 10, 2011 08:57 AM

Is there a good crock pot cook book?

My son is a crock pot fan for some reason. and has requested a cookbook adapted to it as a Christmas gift. Is there actually a good cook book available for these things?

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  1. Yes. America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook has terrific slow cooker recipes, as does The Gourmet Slow Cooker, by Lynn Alley. I also like The Italian Slow Cooker by Michelle Sciolone; I have pre-ordered The French Slow Cooker which she has coming out. I use a s/c a lot, but I don't like "open and dump" recipes. Everything I have made out of these books is delicious. These books are all available f from Amazon.

    1. My mom is a big fan of slow cookers and she likes the cooks illustrated slow cooker cookbooks.

      1. "Slow Cooker Ready and Waiting" by Rick Rodgers is a good book.

        I'm sure "Slow Cooker Revolution" by America's Test Kitchen would be excellent. Everything they put out is excellent because it is so thoroughly tested.

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          The Slow Cooker Revolution cookbook *is* excellent! I use the slow cooker at least once per week b/c of hectic afternoon schedules and this one has the best recipes. If you do like dump-n-go, it's not as good for you, however - there is usually some browning/prep that needs to happen before the ingredients go in the cooker.


        2. I have "Art of the Slow Cooker" by Andrew Schloss. I picked it out because the recipes looked more interesting than the run-of-the-mill slow-cooker meals. I've made a number of the recipes, and they've turned out well.

          1. I really like the Slow Cooker Menus by Cuisine at Home.


            Everything we have made has been delicious! Lots of different, creative and ethnic recipes.