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Favorite sandwich form a restaurant

So as a chef I am always looking to people for ideas and insiration. I am always asked what my favorte thing to make is, so I wanna know what are peoples favorites to eat. It may just end up on my menu if it intrigues me!
Thanks Jason

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  1. How about a nice braunschweiger on toasted marble rye with mayo, tomato and super thin sliced red onion.

    1. Honestly, I like simple sandwiches and prefer them hot.

      I know this is supposed to be from a restaurant, but I am going to share one or two that aren't. One thing I like to eat are mini-grilled cheese on cocktail rye. I use a deluxe American and cheddar, plus a little grainy mustard. They are perfect for dipping into creamy tomato basil soup. It's a really fun dish to serve and eat. I love grilled Ham and Swiss. My favorite ham and Swiss variation is is Croque Monsieur with a good Gruyere and super thinly sliced black forest ham. Reubens are another big favorite.

      My absolute favorite sandwich of all time is a grilled smoked Gouda pimento cheese with bacon and tomato on a good sourdough. There is nothing else like it in the world. I have had this at a local place, and I make it myself at home.

      For cold sandwiches, I love roast beef and cheddar with horseradish mayo, lettuce, and tomato (which I have had out. It is AMAZING made with prime rib.) I also like muffalettas (which I have never made myself, unlike all of the other mentioned sandwiches.)

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        Honestly, I like simple sandwiches and prefer them hot.

        I agree with this. Restaurants often try to make a sandwich that has a lot of parts and a creative description...but fail miserably because they cannot maintain a high standard in quality or presentation. Destination restaurants or spots feature a a very simple formula.....meat on bread. In the midwest and south, many places have made a living of serving a pounded pork tenderloin deep fried cutlet on some form of roll or toast. It doesn't get much better than that in quality or simplicity . Maybe you could come up with a nice aioli to compliment it.

      2. once, while hitchhiking in the Natchez region of louisiana, near Kitsatchie national forest, i came across a shack on the side of the road, on the bank of a river.

        inside, the owner, left with a great deal of chicken skins from making gumbo, would deep fry a big handful of said skins and assemble it into po' boy fashioned sandwiches. lettuce, tomato, onions,pickles and a spicy mayo/mustard spread on excellent french baguette.

        it was, quite simply, the best sandwich i have ever had.

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          This sounds like nirvana. I would never have imagined such a sandwich, but now I need one.

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            just last week i had popeyes and a peice of amazingly crunchy skin came off, i placed it atop my honey dotted biscuit and it was beyond delicious!
            i want to try your sandwich even more!

        2. Fresh quality ingredients.

          Don't overstuff the sandwich. I like to be able to pick up and bite it without hurting myself. Sandwiches are (generally) not knife-and-fork endeavors

          Don't give your sandwiches fancy names. If it's a roast beef with horseradish mustard, just say so.

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          1. Spicy Korean grilled (beef/chicken/pork - choose one) -
            Meat chopped and quickly heated "melt" style with pepper jack cheese, then topped with
            loose leaf lettuce, thin sliced cucumber, carrot shreds, and kimchi.

            1. Duck confit with caramelized onions and brie, arugula and apples.

              1. My very favorite sandwich is from a local downtown restaurant, the Corner Cafe. This sandwich is called the Jellyfish ( I also love the name). It's on freshly baked foccacia (in-house), with cream cheese, onion slices, chicken breast, bacon, Monterey Jack cheese and tomato. The foccacia is sliced into wedges, and cut to make a top and bottom half. Once all the stuff is on it, it's toasted on the flat top just to warm it up a little and melt the cheese.

                At every other restaurant I go to, I like to try something different on the menu each time I go. And even though everything I've ever tasted at the Corner Cafe is delicious and wonderful, I always get the Jellyfish. I get over there maybe every other month, so by that time, I'm ready for another one. Can't help myself. It is the best sandwich I have ever tasted.

                1. When in the mood for a warm sandwich, I usually go for simplicity: pulled pork, warm pastrami (though with less meat than the NY delis pile on), etc. (but I do admit jmac, the Jellyfish sounds intriguing--must I visit Georgia to find out?)

                  Chicken seems quie suited as a cold sandwich main ingredient. Had a good Thai chicken salad wrap the other day whose saved half is calling me from the fridge as I write.

                  1. Our cafeteria at work ( retired now) served a very nice sandwich with Mozarella slices, breaded/fried Eggplant slices, roasted Pepper, Basil and some Balsamic Vinegar. Most of us liked it on a fresh roll, but we could also buy it as wrap or on other bread. One could tell by the long line at the deli-counter that this particular sandwich was on the menu that week, it was definitely a favorite.

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                      I'm right there with you RUK. Also substitute the eggplant with a chicken breast...heaven on a bun. Also can't go wrong with just fresh mozz/roasted pepper on Italian bread. Or fried vinegar peppers and scrambled egg also on crusty Italian bread. Sweet manna from above!

                    2. The shrimp po-boy at Marques Bros, at Chef Menteur Pass, but they are now long gone - think that Hurricane Camille washed them away.


                      1. Four old favorites come to mind from now-gone places:

                        Crab imperial grilled cheese - simply crab imperial, American cheese, good white bread, grilled in a little butter.

                        Open-faced - thin slice of Smithfield ham topped with crab salad, sliced tomato and cheese (not sure what kind but maybe Swiss or Munster). It was run under the broiler to melt the cheese but the crab salad was still cool.

                        Best roast beef ever - baguette with a smear of a Boursin type cheese, roast beef, Camembert, tomatoes and arugula.

                        A wonderful Italian deli that made their own fresh mozzarella and bread made the simplest sandwich with the best ingredients - imported prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and fresh basil leaves.

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                          One of the best sandwiches I've ever had was a Dungeness crab grilled cheese. Huge chunks, Tillamook cheddar...it was amazing.

                          My current fav is a French dip with Swiss cheese. They grill the thinly sliced roast beef and they also grill the bun so it's crunchy. It's heaven.

                        2. I think the key is to have high quality of ingredients. There is a local place, Waterford Grill in Midlothian, VA, that makes great sandwiches and burgers. Not anything you haven't heard of before, but the quality of ingredients, good knowledge and execution of filling to bread ratio (good bread of course), good condiments and homemade potato chips on the side....it's my go-to sandwich place. My favorites are grilled pastrami, Swiss and spicy mustard on rye and their 4 oz. cheeseburger with bacon on one of the best burger rolls I've had. Perfect medium rare, thinly sliced red onion, fresh lettuce, good quality beef and bacon....it's perfect.

                          1. #7 from Eastside Deli near chinatown Los Angeles hot roast beef and pastrami with provolone cooked peppers and dripping with marinari sauce.

                            1. Mine is a "Garbage Grinder". There is a tiny little shop called Luigi's over on the coast and they make these sandwiches. DH says I have come close to cloning them. You can find my version here: http://www.chow.com/recipes/27798-gar...

                              It's a hot sandwich on a hoagie roll with salami, ham, pepperoni, melted cheddar, tomato, green pepper, dill pickle slices and lots of diced sweet onion drizzled with a little olive oil.

                              1. Lemongrass Tofu Bahn Mi - The exquisite Vietnamese sandwiches made with a roll that is traditionally partly rice flour and laden with cilantro,carrot,cucumber,maggi measoning and mayo. Love them!

                                1. I love a Hot Brown!: toasted bread, topped with fresh sliced roast turkey or chicken breast, bacon, a thick slice of good tomato, and a sharp cheddar cheese sauce poured over the top, baked for a bit to get all hot and bubby throughout. A knife and fork open faced sandwich to die for!

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                                    I'd really like to try one of those with a side of coleslaw, I've just never been in that area.

                                    1. I agree with what Terrie said about a mozzarella, tomato and prosciutto sandwich - with great ingredients that sandwich can be devine.
                                      What turns me off is when a restaurant serves a sandwich made with really good quality ingredients but then tops it with tasteless, out of season tomatoes and wilted greens. Why pair good ingredients with the inferior stuff? Anyhow, with that said, here is my list of memorable sandwiches:
                                      -a turkey club that I had in Amsterdam that was made with a fresh turkey breast, all the tradtional fixings plus a thin egg crepe on each layerw/mayo and Russian dressing on the side
                                      -a BLT made with applewood smoked bacon and summer tomatoes topped with a fried egg
                                      -good liverwurst w/ sweet onions on pumpernickle spread with sweet butter
                                      -bacon and egg salad on toast w/lettuce & tomato
                                      -a Waldorf salad sandwich that could be made with with good tuna in olive oil or chicken or turkey served open-face on ciabatta toasts
                                      -same as above but with Nicoise salad fixings instead
                                      -ham and cheese toasties with finely diced sweet onions made with country ham and good cheddar
                                      -grilled chicken with thinly sliced apples and melted brie on ciabatta bread with grainy mustard

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                                        The grilled cheese sandwiches from the Caseus truck in New Haven, CT. I think they use at least three kinds of cheese. Barring that, a muffellatta.

                                      2. I need to add one more. I love a good tomato and mozzerella sandwich with balsamic mayo. I like it grilled until the cheese slightly oozes, but isn't really hot inside. This takes some finagling. I rub some crusty sourdough with olive oil and garlic and grill it until crisp on one side and put it aside. Then, I do another and put the cheese on top while it is grilling (you can do the pieces of bread at the same time if your skillet is big enough.) When it is done, I put the mayo on and the tomato and add some salt and pepper. It's so good.