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Dec 10, 2011 07:51 AM

Suckling Pig Advice & Side Dishes?

Hi Hounds! We got a crazy idea to roast a suckling pig on Sunday, so I'm picking up a 16 lb. fresh piglet tonight. I have MANY questions! If you have anything to share, I'd really appreciate it! :) One important note: we don't eat grains or legumes, but everything else is fair game!

- Should I ask the butcher to butterfly it for me or is unnecessary to butterfly?

- Will it fit in my oven butterflied or otherwise? I'm looking at my 30 lb. dog who greatly resembles a piglet herself, and thinking, "She could fit in there..."

- Should I brine tonight? In what kind of solution beyond salt/sugar/water?

- Do I need to truss this little guy if I'm roasting in the oven?

- I'm thinking of stuffing with apples and onions and sage. Any other suggestions?

- Side dishes? I'm thinking grilled veggies and a crunchy zippy fresh salad and some roasted sweet potatoes or winter squash.

Thanks for the help!!

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    1. In Portugal they serve it with a simple, lightly-dressed salad and home-made potato chips. Yumm, all you really need is the pig quite honestly. If you're interested, here is a link to my blog where I posted many photos and details of a meal we had in Portugal at a restaurant that is the suckling pig capital of the world (slight exaggeration).

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        Similarly, in Mallorca, it's usually presented very simply - often with nothing more than a couple of boiled potaoes. You'd have had the salad as a starter.

      2. For great tips on cooking the suckling pig, you can't do better than this recent piece at Serious Eats:

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          Ha! That was the inspiration piece. :)

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            haha i was going to suggest looking at that piece too. seems we all had the same idea!

        2. We had suckling pig roasted in a pit for my FIL's birthday this summer.
          I can't help with sides but my only advice is make sure you get first dibs on the cheeks.
          I pulled them straight from the head and it was some of the best pig I've ever had.

          1. For me nothing goes better with suckling pig than asian greens like pak choi, gai lan, baby bok choi, etc... quick fried with garlic, a little chili and a splash of rice wine vinegar at the end. I find they're not so heavy as potato, not to mention pork and cabbage are an awesome combination in so many cultures.