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Dec 10, 2011 05:40 AM

Splendido's truffle tasting menu review

Two of us had the full truffle tasting menu with wine pairings at Splendido this week. This was the first time I have eaten black truffles, and I'm glad I experienced that taste. One of the last dishes on the menu paired shaved truffles with tiny braised brussel sprouts, and I was surprised how similar they are -- both provide earthy bass notes.

I have complained about poor service at "new" Splendido in the past, but this time the service was great. For both food and entertainment quality, I would rate this tasting menu at least the equal of David Lee's in his last year at Splendido. Our meal consisted of 10 courses and 8 wine pairings, lasted over 2.5 hours, and never felt rushed or delayed. At a cost of $150 each before tax and tip, a saving of $65 each using Dining Datenight, it is a much better Christmas present than socks or underwear (or almost anything else).

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  1. Wow! Very good value for a truffle tasting menu!
    FYI, during David Lee's last year at Splendido, he was too busy with Nota Bene's start up that all the cooking and running of Splendido's kitchen was done by his sous Victor Barry! ( current Splendido's co-owner and executive chef! )

    1. I would like to hit this up via the 30% discount, but I thought it was 5 course + 2 additional supplements. What are the 3 extras? Ooooh extras.

      According to dining date night's site, they advise customers to...

      "Please calculate your tip based on the pre-discounted bill "

      Perfectly acceptable, good etiquette. I just wonder how many people read the fine print or perhaps remember after 5-7 glasses of wine. I highly doubt the waitstaff would mention this when presenting the bill, that would be tacky. I assume they get stiffed on this one regularly.

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        Generally speaking the only people getting stiffed in fine dining are the chefs. The servers (ever with those who tip poorly) generally end up making at least double of that of any of the chefs/cooks on the line in the kitchen. Heck the dishwashers make more than they do when all is said and done!

        I tip well for good service b/c I was once a server myself BUT I don't shed a tear if they lose a few bucks here and there.

      2. Since this review was exactly a year old, I called Splendido today to see if they are offering a truffle tasting menu this year. They said that if you call a few days in advance, they can set one up, and the cost is between $130-150 (about the same as mentioned in this review).

        This makes me wonder: was the menu "by arrangement" last year also? I was considering reserving at shoto, but a truffle tasting menu at a comparable price seems like the better experience/value - any thoughts on that also appreciated!

        [sadly that dining date night deal is long gone at Splendido, so that's out of the equation in 2012]

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        1. re: non sequitur

          I haven't been to splendido in a while or for the truffle tasting, but I would choose splendido over shoto any day. I did do the tasting at shoto (which is more expensive) and my SO and I were not blown away. I thought the service was just meh, and the food was hit with a few misses. I would always return to splendido because I have always had great food and service, so I would go with that.

          1. re: non sequitur

            Last year they had the "truffle" tasting menu posted on their website as an option.