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Dec 10, 2011 05:32 AM

Best place forresh fish around Solana Beach?

Just moved to the area, is there a good fish market nearby?

And actually I don't mind if I have to travel some, what's the best place in san diego county?


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  1. The Fish Market has a very good market in restaurant. They'll sell you what ever the restaurant serves even if it's not in the display case -- just ask.

    1. Catalina Offshore in the Morena area.

      Catalina Offshore Products
      5202 Lovelock St, San Diego, CA 92110

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      1. re: JRSD

        I second that suggestion. Best fish shop in town. Point Loma Seafoods normally has a pretty good selection too plus they sell a good amount of locally caught fish as well.

      2. Thanks, Catalina looks pretty interesting.

        I've been to the Fish Market, maybe I was there on a bad day, but it seemed about the same as the fish counter at the albertsons up the street, only more expensive.
        I'll have another look, I'd love to find I was wrong, it's within easy walking distance.

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        1. re: shaharidan

          Catalina Offshore is the bees knees, however, the Fish Market is quite good and convenient.

          The Fish Market just displays the usual high volume seafood (e.g., mahi mahi, salmon etc.), but as I indicated before if it's on the menu they sell it. Thus, you can get Opah, monk fish, Cabrillo rock bass etc. if you just ask.

          1. re: wanker

            how often do they have monkfish?

            1. re: dialect

              It's been a while, but when they have it, it's usual in the summer.

        2. I like Seaside Market in Cardiff for seafood and for meats.

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          1. re: globalsurf

            I go to FishMarket regularly.
            I have bought mahi, opah, ono, yellow tail. It is all good.
            If you think it is like albertons you don't have a clue. The prices are very reasonable.
            Seaside is hit or miss, I wont buy fish there anymore.
            Fish House Veracruz in Carlsbad has a good market.

            1. re: pantani

              Got some really nice lobsters for 6.99/lb at Seaside right after Thanksgiving. Very tasty, but overall Fish Market can't be beat. Also towards the end of this month the Fish Market will have Dungys on sale.