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Dec 10, 2011 04:26 AM

Any Southern U.S. style breakfast sausage available in stores? (a la Jimmy Dean or Bob Evans)

Breakfast sausage has long been a disappointment to me in Toronto. I really miss the Jimmy Dean/Bob Evans style sausage patties from the States. Due to my previous disappointments, I haven't shopped for breakfast sausage in years and years. So I'm wondering (hoping?) that there may have been recent advancements that I'm not aware of. I make my own knock-off recipe sausage at home, but sometimes you just really want the greasy goodness of the real thing. So...any good Southern-style breakfast sausages in Toronto grocery stores?

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  1. I have bought Bob Evans sausages, both patties and links, at Longo's. My husband loves them. They also sell Bob Evans mashed potatoes (which I haven't bought). Enjoy.

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      How about Johnsonville sausages found in just about every grocery store?
      Have you tried Costco's breakfast sausages in their fresh meat counter?
      Walmart super centers carries many US brands so try them
      Quebec has a popular brand called La Belle Fermiere - frozen sausages - might be able to find them in TO.

    2. Try the Berkshire pork sausage patty from the sausage king @ st.Lawrence market

      1. Thanks, everyone. I will definitely visit Longo's. Do they have the tube of sausage? Or just the pre-sliced packages?

        I haven't really liked Johnsonville sausages, but I've never tried their breakfast sausage.

        And plug -- does the sausage at Sausage King have the Southern flavour profile that I'm referring to? I find that most breakfast sausage sold here has British spicing -- i.e., not much at all.

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          I tried Sausage King's breakfast sausage. No, it's not the southern style Jimmy Dean type sausage patties you're looking for.

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            Thanks, GG, that's what I feared. Off to Longo's I go. Some biscuits and sausage gravy in my future! Now if I could only find Jimmy Dean's spicy sausage here, I would be so happy.

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              You need to make a trip down to Buffalo and stock up, find out when Tops or Wegmans has it on sale and get on the QEW... We don't like that British-style breakfast sausage either.

              But if you can't make the trip and/or need it ASAP, Johnsonville is on sale at Metro this week (imported from the U.S.)

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                Why not try sone of the Ecuadorean sausages available at Meating on Queen ( NE corner of Jones and Queen) Those are really tasty, with a good amount of spice.

                Here is an article that has a picture of them.

                At any time you walk into Meating, there will be at least 15 varieties of sausage to try, some even contain blueberries.

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                  sorry about that... wrong sausage patty

            2. I am originally from the south and I've lived here twenty five years and never found any. I make my own with regular plain pound of sausage, mixed in about a half a teaspoon of sage, a quarter teaspoon of paprika, and a quarter teaspoon of thyme and lots of pepper. Apparently, the meeting with Dave of "President's Choice" and Jimmy Dean did not go well when they considered having PC sell Jimmy Dean here. I'm hoping one day they will make it available. I've seen it in the link form, available to ship frozen from of all places Amazon. I do order other items with good luck from Amazon like Rotel. that I cannot get here either. Johnsonville and other sausages sold here are not at all similar and tend to a sweeter taste profile without the sage/peppery taste of southern sausages. I also can't find ANY good andouille sausage for creole and cajun recipes so end up using cherizo for those. It's difficult to impossible to cook soul food here and certainly impossible to find any restaurants that provide an authentic experience with that genre of food. Jimmy Dean or Bob Evans is something you will either have to make yourself or look for somewhere that will import it a super high cost no doubt.

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                theres a pork guy at the north market (SLM).. that sells andouille... not sure if it meets your quality/authentic standards though as i've never been down south.

              2. I actually just saw prepared Jimmy Dean brand sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit sandwiches at the Kitchen Table, at Atrium on Bay - downtown. Prepared and wrapped, under heating lamps and ready to eat.

                Plenty of tables/places to sit and eat directly outside Kitchen Table (all indoors).