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Dec 9, 2011 10:36 PM

Restaurants open in Melb over Christmas/NY period?

Expat Melbournian visiting over the holiday period, and finding out that many of the restaurants mentioned here are taking their breaks at the same time!

Certainly don't begrudge hardworking staff/chefs their hols, but does anyone knows of any resource saying what's open/closed late Dec/early Jan?

And on that note, am I better off trying gastropubs? If so, which ones, and who does the best veal parma/fish and chips?

Thanks in advance,


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  1. Parma and fish and chips are not really gastropub fare - they're normal pub fare - so a decent pub will do it fine. Depends where you're staying.

    Christmas/ New Year is always a bit bleak. Crown is open, so Rockpool, Spice Temple, GAS etc are all open. I normally meet mrs_g after the cricket at one of them on boxing day. Cumulus is open part of it. Christmas Day - we had a discussion last year, and I think decided that other than the big players, Middle Park Hotel was the best bet for Xmas Day.

    Personally, it annoys me so many places close for basically January, as that's when I'm not at work and want to eat out.