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Dec 9, 2011 10:17 PM

Burnsville: Hidalgo - don't go.

I ate at Hidalgo in the strip mall near Nicollet Ave. and Highway 13 in Burnsville the other day. I had tacos al pastor and part of a Cubana sandwich. The tacos were mediocre at best...the pork was too dry with not much flavor. The Cubana was as one fellow diner put it...foul. To be fair, a good cubana is a tad offputting.

The good thing? The ladies manning the counter were friendly. The orange-ish taco sauce (creamy?) was good.

Hidalgo's food does not compare favorably to what's available all up and down Lake Street in S. Mpls or even the stuff on Central Ave in NE.

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  1. Funny...I had been there a long time ago and didn't like it. With Taqueria La Hacienda nearby and Olmeca (which was great, but is now gone), I had no reason to go back. Fast forward to the other day and I needed a quick bite with my kids right there. The food was good this time. Not, like you say, comparable to downtown, etc, but satisfying. I had the Cubana torta -- things were fresh, including vegetables and bread. My kids' meals were all good from what I tasted.

    Anyway, I guess it's at best unpredictable and sometimes surprisingly bad or good. All said, I won't be risking my money there anytime soon even with the good experience.
    Glad to see a mention of something in my 'hood(ish)...thanks.

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      I think we've all argued this place in the past. When I used to work in Burnsville, this became my go to place for a torta milanesa after Olmeca went out of business (and they went out of business from a quality standpoint a few months before the building was torn down). I found their torta to be larger and more flavorful than La Hacienda as well as more affordable. So I recommended it based on that dish. But I can't speak to anything else since I never ordered it.

      One of my co-workers was married to lady from Mexico City. She swore by this place as well for their chorizo sausage which she said was as close to home as any she had around this town. I never had it, but I'll trust her to know better than I.

      All in all, I'd agree their are probably better in town, like Jim says, and that some of the food may be hit or miss. I'll stand by the torta milanesa and the chorizo items personally. But the staff is very friendly (if limited in their English) and some of the food is really decent quality and the value is there for sure versus others. If you are stuck in Burnsville, you can certainly make worse decisions dining wise.