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Dec 9, 2011 09:54 PM

Bay Area specialties to give for Xmas?

I'm stumped about a gift for my son and daughter-in-law, who live in Austin TX. So I thought, maybe things we have/produce in the Bay Area, but aren't commonly available elsewhere. Special things...tasty things...yummy goodies. You know?

"It's Its" are all too perishable, and sourdough, salami and wine (etc.) are all available in "cosmopolitan" Austin. What do we have here that they can't get there???

All good suggestions are not only welcomed, they are acclaimed!

Thank you.

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  1. XOX truffles is a favorite of mine, and they'll ship then from here.

    1. While we are on the subject of chocolate.
      Xocolate Bar specialty. 12-inch Mayan calendar to exquisitely detailed Kama Sutra tiles.

      1. Since Texas is an agricultural state just like CA, I suspect they have rules about shipping fresh fruits or vegetables into their area from private citizens. I got to watch a produce sniffing dog find packages at UPS that had undeclared plant matter.

        I got some Sightglass coffee to send to my sister. Sure she can get coffee where she lives, but she probably would not spend as much on a small luxury.

        1. Caviar is produced in Sacramento, if you consider that Bay Area:

          1. My favorite "gift from California"--See's chocolates. I've taken them to half a dozen countries in three continents, and they've never failed to elicit delight and gratitude. (Maybe I should mention that I only give what I would eat myself, the ones with marshmallows, nuts, and caramels. The creams and truffles are far too sugary for me.)