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Dec 9, 2011 09:20 PM

Hanukkah in Miami ~ Where to nosh?!?!!?

I'll be heading to MIA from LA during the holidays and we'll be staying in the Design District.

Need to know the best spots: deli, Chinese restaurant for Xmas, know!!

Interested in hole in the wall gems to fine dining. Thank you looking forward to your suggestions!

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  1. Coming from LA you will be disappointed in both deli and chinese here and do not recommend you go that route. While there are good chinese places here (2 or 3 that I know of), they do not match what you can get at home. There are no good jewish delis in miami anymore. You might want to try crumb on parchment, which is a sandwich shop in the design district.

    If you want a pork sandwich, Pappo Llega y Pon can't be beat. Red light little river is one of my favorite restaurants in miami (the shrimp dish in particular - you must get this). You might find sakaya kitchen interesting as well. It is also one of my favorites (but I am always hesitant to recommend any asian food to people from LA). Finally, buena vista bistro is really good. I have heard great things about Fratelli Milano but have not tried it myself.

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      Hi-e! Will update as we dine FYI.

      My Aunt went to Buena Vista Bistro a few days ago and she said it was whatever...can't wait to try Nemesis Bistro!! Why has no one suggested this? It looks like a gem!

    2. Since you're in the DD, you could go to Miami Beach's Jewish area on 41st Street. There's a deli there that I have never tried (caveat: I'm not of a Jewish background so I was never raised around delis and I don't particularly crave for them), but you could try it out as it seems to be relatively popular for the area:

      Sam's Deli
      740 W 41st St
      Miami Beach, FL 33140

      And since you seem to be minding about things Kosher (from what I can see regarding to Chinese during Christmas, Hannukah references), you may also want to explore on making day trips to Aventura where there's tons of Kosher and Israeli offerings. There are many other websites that would serve as a good point of reference (kosher miami, jewish in miami, jewish way, etc).

      Also around Aventura, I liked several Israeli restaurants that may be of interest to you - with Etzel Itzik Deli being my favorite (and I would think of their food more often than pastrami on rye) :) Check it out!

      As for Chinese, I think the well-known and highly-regarded Chinese places in Miami would make them Kosher during Christmas time since they're probably well aware that we have a large Jewish population here. I'd double check with them just in case, but the good Chinese places here are probably going to be more expensive than your typical LA Chinatown Chinese. Check Tropical and Hakkasan.

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      1. re: mialebven

        I do not keep Kosher, so that isn't a huge factor, but I appreciate the observation and accommodation to the Jewish dietary restrictions!

        Thank you both for your input ~ I am going to check out your suggestions and will report back! Red Light, Fratelli Milano, Sam's Deli, Etzel Itzik Deli, Hakkasan sound amazing!!!

        1. re: Deidre7

          I misunderstood your post. I thought you were not interested in the more expensive places. You should definitely try michaels genuine and/or michys while you are here.

          I have to warn you about Hakkasan, while it is very good and I recommend it, it is very very expensive. Be prepared. I prefer their lunch to their dinner btw (weekends only). Their lunch is merely very expensive.

          As for your deli selection. I hope it works out for you.

      2. I'll agree with everyone else so far about deli and Chinese offerings. There is, however, Roasters n' Toasters in Miami Beach and Sage in Hallandale. The latter is a bit of a hike, especially if you can already get good delicatessen in LA. Still, I think they have the best bagels around. R n' T I've only tried once, but the hot pastrami and Cel-Ray definitely scratched the deli itch.

        Someone already mentioned Buena Vista Bistro, and they also have a French deli next door with very good sandwiches and pastries. Also in that area, I'd recommend Harry's Pizza, the new venture from Michael's Genuine.

        In my mind, the Design District is close enough to justify driving up to Hiro's Yakko-San, a great Japanese izakaya restaurant in Sunny Isles.

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        1. re: Nick

          How is Harry's pizza btw? Friends of mine seem to always point to La Pizzeria di Lemoni whenever I want pizza in the Design District. Maybe they're different styles and can't compare with each other?

          1. re: mialebven

            Loved Harry's, but it's a little overpriced if you ask me. The service is great and the wait staff is really nice, but the pizzas are small for $13-$17 a pop. And they gave my friend a hard time about asking for a lighter cheese as opposed to the heavy cheese one of the pizzas came with (he's lactose intolerant - don't ask, lol).

            1. re: jpr54_1

              OOOH! My taste buds are getting anxious to get to MIAMI!

              We're going to do XMas dinner at Hakkasan ~ thank you for the warning about the price. I figured it would be $$$$ but will make for a special dinner with family.

              Michaels Genuine for lunch has also been booked.

              Sage Bagel, Harry's Pizza, and Hiro are on the "food for thought" list :)

              So excited for next week's eats! :) Thank you all!

              Thoughts on Sr Martinez?????

              1. re: Deidre7

                It is actually Sra Martinez and it is very good . Particularly the garbanzo beans.

          2. The original comment has been removed