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Dec 9, 2011 09:17 PM

Dried chile peppers in Vancouver and Tri-cities

I am desperately seeking dried ancho, pasilla, and chile de arbol along the route between Port Moody and downtown Van, or in PoCo or Coquitlam or Burnaby. Help! Need it to make dinner tomorrow night - I thought I would be able to find them in the grocery store.

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  1. El Sureno 1730 Commercial Drive if you can put up with the grubby dump of a store staffed by sullen morons & worse.

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      1. re: Food on the brain

        Also South China Seas (two locations) and Fresh Is Best (Kits only) carry them, if they are in stock. What time is dinner? ;-)

    1. Try "Latino Deli" in Port Coquitlam, at the southwest corner of Lougheed Highway and Shaughnessy Street. I know they have dried ancho chilis, though I'm not sure about the others.

      1. Off your route, but Galloway's in New West has a pretty good selection.

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          Thanks all! I found them at El Sureno. Dinner was sooo yummy!!! Ahi Tuna tartare tower with salmon roe and wasabi tobiko; roasted figs with honey, mascarpone, and prosciutto; Pork tenderloin with multi-chile rub, ancho-bourbon sauce, roasted red pepper sauce, brussels with pomegranete and toasted almonds, and sweet potato gratin; finished with chocolate souffles with cardamom cream......

          Mmmmmmm....... :-)

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            That sounds so amazingly good! Congratulations!!