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Dec 9, 2011 07:57 PM

Le Crocodile vs. Bishop's?

Researching older threads for ideas to my earlier query about a birthday celebration dinner for my Mom -- Le Crocodile and Bishop's seem to be recommended quite often. Can you help me decide which to go with? While the quality of the food is critical, I'd also like to find a place where my parents and their friends can hear each other. I'd like to give my Mom calm, cozy, and delicious for her birthday. Thanks!

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  1. For a birthday, and especially for your Mom, I would take her to Bishop's. Let them know about her birthday and they will pay attention to make it special. However, you really can't go too far wrong with either.

    1. Both are excellent choices, but I would choose Bishop's as well. The service is superb, food delicious and very locally oriented, and surroundings comfortable. They took terrific care of my dad, and my SO's mom when we've treated them to meals there.

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        In my experience, you will get fine warm service at either, particularly if you mention that it is a special celebration for your mom.Noise is not as issue at either. I would choose based on what sort of dishes your mom prefers. Have a good look at their menus on line and discuss your mom's preferences with both. You should get a pretty good idea from that as to which will please your mom more.

      2. Ha, didn't see this post, so I replied on your other one suggesting Bishop's. Agree that you should choose based on what type of food your P2s prefer, classic French or local BC "gourmet" though I'd give a slight edge to Bishop's as well. If they are going with friends you could ask for the window table which is a bit away from the others, though maybe check on the chill factor. If it matters, Le Croc is a bit harder to park at (though I believe they have valet). On a Tuesday you might well get a spot directly in front of Bishop's and there is a reasonable amount of free parking on the side streets.

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          Thanks all! I left a message with Bishop's and hope to follow-up on arrangements soon. Grayelf, very insightful -- parking DOES matter! I want that to be as easy for them as possible. So make that calm, cozy, delicious and easily accessible for Mom for her birthday.

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            BTW: if a grey haired gentleman comes over to your table and introduces himself as John, he's Mr. Bishop. Last time I was there I told him that the oyster stew that was served as an Amuse Bouche was so good that I was going to steal it. 30 seconds later another round appeared. Have a great time.

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                How about an award for 'education and awareness' - an appropriate accolade :-)