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Dec 9, 2011 06:20 PM

Mumbai recs in and around Khar

I'll be in Mumbai for four days next week and am staying the Khar neighborhood. My group is willing to travel around the city for food so would love some recs both in that neighborhood and beyond.

Gujarati thali places are of interest, as are northern/tandoori and Mangalorean. Frankly, we're open to all sorts of food, as long as it's Indian of one sort or another. We are looking for meals around 600 rupees or less per person. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Khar has a bunch of restaurants and is also located fairly close to Bandra, but both locations mostly skew younger and towards the more international cuisines. Purhpeur Kolhapuri does a bunch of Maharashtrian veg/nonveg/sea food thalis and is located in Santa Cruz.

    I would recommend you head to the nearest Rajdhani (Andheri, Malad) Panchvati Gaurav (Andheri W) but best of all, i would recommend you head into the city, you can have a bunch of options with new and old hands between 175-300 a person for delicious Gujju thalis.

    1. Khar is really close to Bandra. For northie food you should definitely head to Persian Darbar, Linking Road, Bandra West, for their raan (leg of lamb). It's massive and will happily feed 4-5 hungry souls. PD will be like 200 bucks a person. You should also try Kakori House for their North Indian food especially their kebabs. It's slightly more expensive.

      If you guys want seafood, Bandra East has Highway Gomantak which serves great fish curries, fried fish and even coastal type chicken and mutton. It's excellent (but closed on Thursdays). It's about 200 bucks a head. Ask for the "gaboli" or fish eggs. There's a China Garden in Khar which serves up good "Chindian" in an upscale atmosphere. It should be within your budget (without drinks). Or try the Chindian at 5 Spice at Pali Naka, Bandra. Big portions and good VFM. You can easily eat within 200-250 bucks a head.

      Not too far away is Mahim. You should ask a cabbie to take you to Paradise theatre and there are a bunch of places opposite it. Medina Hotel has really nice flaky kerala parathas and beef (ask for it, it will not be on the menu). Medina will be about 150 bucks a head. There is also a place called "Fresh Catch" which has really good Goan style seafood and is much cheaper than the usual places that are tourist traps.

      You can find all these places on zomato or burrp or Google Maps.

      For Gujarati food as skinnylizard points out its better to head to town, and if you can go to Shree Thakkar Bhojanalaya in kalbadevi (it's a challenge to get there though!) it would be great. It's worth spending at least one full day in South Bombay. Khar has a great vibe and has a lot of places to just chill at. Have fun!

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